December 29, 2008

Allison Perkins, a writer for recently wrote an article on Operation Kid Comfort, which I posted about a while back. She sums up the program much better than I ever could. Check it out here if you are interested, Eli's picture made the cut!

December 27, 2008

Anniversary Apart

Today is the day I was dreading being apart more than any other, our anniversary. It turned out to be a pretty good day, with me surprising Jake with a really great gift and him in turn surprising me with a 5 night cruise for when he gets back! It will be a nice reprieve from our long separation. This is us before we got married:
And these are a few of our favorite wedding pictures, this is one of Jake's favorites:
This is my favorite:Here we are in our first place together, our condo in Anaheim, CA:
And on my favorite vacation yet, Kauai:
We changed a little from our first picture, huh? If you look at the last you'll see we've changed even more! Mostly it's just shorter hair for the both of us.
This was our place in San Diego, CA. We loved that tiny little house! And in Pensacola, FL when Jake got his wings:
This was one of the last pictures we took together at our home in Corpus Christi, TX before Jake deployed:It's been amazingly great so far, I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you so much Jake, Happy Anniversary!!

*ps: Happy Anniversary Matt & Joc!

December 19, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering....

...This is where Jake has been working. Glamorous, isn't it? As the sign reads, this is the sick call tent where he spends A LOT of time. I can't ever complain about call again! Well, I wasn't planning on complaining anyway. I think I would rather deal with a lot of call and have him home once in awhile rather than not at all for months on end (over 5 now, but who's counting..)!Inside the sick call tent...look at all that privacy!
Jake's other "office" is here at the clinic:Inside the clinic:
So, finally a few pictures from Jake! I just got a thumb drive full in the mail, so I will be posting more soon.

December 17, 2008


Johnny Mountain (our weatherguy) kept saying it was going to snow and I kept saying, "yeahhhh right" and it turns out I was wrong. We woke up to a light flurry this morning......that kept on going and going. It's now after 9pm and still hasn't stopped snowing and isn't supposed to until 2am. Now I know a lot of you are thinking, "what's the big deal?" but this is So. Cal. and it just doesn't snow here...
Little feet next to big feet. He's my best buddy!
talk about a Winter Wonderland
Grandma making Eli snowballs. He didn't like to make them himself but didn't mind if we did and then handed them to him to throw... can really see it coming down in this pic...
...poor palm tree, who expects this much snow in California anyway?!
Eli was loving our snow day
The reports say it has snowed 12 inches in our area! That's HUGE for Lancaster! And no, those are not snow boots, they are actually heels, but I, being the California/Texan I am do not own snow boots. And I was not about to get my feet and jeans wet.
The dogs had a lot of fun racing through the snow
I pulled Brynn out for a few minutes to check out the snow but I didn't dress her all cute and sit her in it like some of my friends. I hope I don't regret that later. I just wasn't up for it today! I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday, hence the lack of makeup and puffy cheeks.
Eli kept begging Grandpa to take him outside to see the snow. Eli is certainly attached to his Grandpa!!

Merry Christmas Jake!

The beginning of December was very busy for me. I had to get all of Jake's presents wrapped and in the mail before the 11th. I also made a ton of Christmas treats to send to the soldiers he works with. Here is just PART of the pile of packages I sent off:
I also made this cute little scrapbook for Jake, it's of some of our favorite Christmas Memories. I printed off 31 Christmas pictures and cut them to the shape of the tree, glued them to cardstock and journaled about the memory on the back of each picture. It's a great gift idea!

December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays from TMC Camp Buehring

These are all the people Jake works with in the clinic at Camp BuehringCan you find Jake?

December 7, 2008

It's Chow Time!

Brynn is 6 months old now and it was time to start some solids last week. And although I could have waited longer (you know, trying to keep her a 'baby') she was ready and more than willing. She's a very good eater!
I fed her for the first time in front of the webcam so Jake could witness this milestone, look how happy he is!!

December 2, 2008

Operation Kid Comfort

I'm all about serving the troops right now! Hmm, I wonder why?! Seriously though, I will always remain affected by this deployment, I will always honor the great sacrifice the troops and their families back home make by serving them!
For Thanksgiving I wanted to send some traditional comfort, so I made about 100 loaves of pumpkin bread for Jake and the many people he works with. It was a calculated risk, I worried my butt off that they would get a TON of STALE bread (7-12 days shipping) but I hear they were perfect! I wish I got a picture of our packed freezer!! Or the avalanche that surprised my Mom when she opened the door...
The weeks before Jake deployed I spent a lots of time surfing the web for things I could comfort Eli or myself with, something specific for deployment. That's when I came across Operation Kid Comfort. Ann Flaherty, program founder explains her inspiration,
"So many people ask me where Operation Kid Comfort came from, and the simple answer is:

“from love, compassion and patriotism.”

My son-in-law, Mike, was deployed to Iraq at the onset of the war. His son, eighteen-month-old Christian, had no understanding why his Daddy was not coming home from work each evening. Christian had tantrums, became withdrawn, and hoarded photos of Mike in his room. My heart broke, seeing how much my little grandson missed his beloved Daddy.

As a quilt artist, I’ve used photography in my quilts, and made Christian a quilt so he could hold his Daddy close. It worked…and he dragged that quilt everywhere. Christian loved showing the images of him and Daddy at the beach, playing on the floor, at the park, and with Mommy too."
After numerous requests for quilts, the ASYMCA picked up the program and that is where I found out about it. I thought this would be a great comfort source for Eli, so I applied. I noticed the volunteer application. I was tempted to sign up. "But I don't sew! I don't even like sewing!" I thought. But I was so touched by this program that I wanted to help. My package came and as soon as I opened it and saw the pictures of the little boy, Casper, I was quilting for, I knew I was doing a good thing. Casper is 9 mo. old and his Daddy is a Marine, currently deployed. After a lot of instruction (and help) from my Mother in law, we had a finished quilt in 8 hours. We hustled to have it done in one day so I could send it the next, that's how excited I was, but to be honest, I held on to the quilt for a few days. It was hard to see my 'masterpiece' go, but I am so happy that Casper will have it. And wouldn't you know it, the day I sent it off I received quilts for Brynn and Eli! They are adorable and Eli loves to point at the pictures of his Daddy. I use Brynn's to lay her on when she's playing and she loves to flip onto her belly and check out the pictures. Now when I put Brynn down Eli wants his quilt next to hers so he can sit on it and play too. He's a silly kid. Anyway, without further ado, here are some pictures:

Brynn next to her handsome Daddy
He loves pictures of Jake, here he's pointing him out to us
This is the quilt I made for Casper, the back is a brown flannel with teddy bears, ahh adorable!
Pretty cute, right?!
I can't WAIT to get my next set of pictures in the mail! I still don't love sewing...but I do love this program. I was in tears when I saw our quilts. I am so thankful to the volunteer who put them together for us. If you know how to sew and have some free time, volunteer! I can tell you that you will be blessing the lives of others and yourself!

November 24, 2008

What the?!

Jake and I were shopping together the other night on (by together I mean both browsing at the same time..) and we came across this hat. It's so wrong!! Why would they sell a hat like this?! Andrea Moss, I'm sure you will agree with me :)

November 18, 2008

Just as I was reaching for my book during the kids' nap time there was a knock on the door. I was greeted with this beautiful bouquet of flowers, ordered from Kuwait by my sweet husband, congratulating me on two years of motherhood. I love that man of mine!!!

November 17, 2008

Thanks... everyone that called or wished Eli a happy birthday! It was very special to have all his aunts and uncles call and a few friends too, he had so much fun talking on the phone! It was hard for me because I couldn't share it with Jake, but everyone helped make is so special. We appreciate all your kindness and love you all!!!

Birthday Boy

Eli turned 2 on Sunday! It's hard to believe he went from this:to this:to this in just a few years!
We had a Mickey Birthday Extravaganza!!
the California weather was beautiful that evening! We had a nice dinner outside with the sunset
Kisses for the birthday boywhat would a perfect day be without a little putting?
yes, he was spooooiled! getting a little help from Grandpathis was the first year (out of two..haha) he was excited to open his presents. It was a lot of fun to watch!Grandma and Grandpa upgraded his wheels!
playing with his spoils
Brynn likes to party!
Uncle Dan and Eli. I was surprised, the guys were all good about wearing the Mickey party ears!
Brynn loves her Uncle Daniel
The cake! I had never decorated a cake like this before...thanks for your help Mom! I have newfound respect for all those cakes I had growing up! Phew, talk about a lot of work. We're singing 'happy birthday' here and I look surprised because Eli suddenly got up and scrambled up Daniel yelling, "No, HOT!" I guess I taught him a little too well about fire...
So he didn't like the candles on the cake, but he sure enjoyed eating it! Yum, chocolate...