February 24, 2008

Eli's First Haircut

At 15 1/2 months, Eli finally got his first haircut last week. He used to have long, blonde curls. After much persuassion from family members and a few comments from friends, I gave in and agreed to cut his hair. I was so sad to do it! I loved those curls, and I was so afraid that once I cut them off they wouldn't come back. I pouted for a few days when they didn't show up, but after it grew a tad, the curls are back! Here are a few pictures of that traumatic evening:
Getting ready for the cut. You can finally see my baby bump here (6 mo. and counting)!
A little instruction and I was ready to go..Snip, snip...As you can tell, Eli wasn't enjoying the moment either.

Our Most Recent Adventure

We had to leave the "most beautiful beaches in the world" of Pensacola, FL for Corpus Christi, TX a few weeks ago. Although our stay in Pensacola was short, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were only there for 6 months while Jake went through flight school. It felt like a really long vacation (at least to me, I'm sure Jake thought it was a little more work) and we made some really awesome friends. We got stationed in Corpus Christi for the next three years where Jake is a Flight Surgeon on the Naval base. So far we like Corpus, as I affectionately call it, but summer hasn't set in yet. Ask me in a couple of months when the heat AND humidity have set in (and I'm 8 mo. pregnant) and I'm sure my response will be a little different. Thank goodness we have an air conditioner that is almost as tall as I am! Anyway, we are really happy with our house and neighborhood and we've had a lot of fun here so far.

Part of our Living Room
The Dining Room
My HUGE kitchen! It has so many cupboards, half of them are empty! I love it!

Jumping on the Bandwagon...

It seems like everyone has a blog now, so why shouldn't I?! I've really been enjoying stalking family and friends' blogs, so I hope you all enjoy ours.