May 31, 2008

NBA Playoffs!!!

Jake and I went to the Lakers vs. Spurs game last Tuesday in San Antonio! For Jake, this was a dream come true, attending a Lakers' playoff game. We got awesome tickets for a pretty reasonable price and we know they would have been untouchable at the Staples Center in LA. They gave everyone at the game white t-shirts rooting for the Spurs, so you could clearly see the Lakers' fans in the stadium (because we weren't wearing them!) Jake also wore the most obnoxious bright yellow Lakers jersey to drive the point home. The game was exciting and as you all know, the Lakers won!! It was a tight ending with the Lakers scoring 93 and the Spurs 91. It was such an awesome experience, I wish we could do it more often. We watched the game back the next day and we saw ourselves a few times!
Not bad seats, eh?!

Thats us!

Brynn even enjoyed the game!

Camp Buehring, Kuwait

A common sandstorm for Kuwait.

This is Camp Buehring, it's basically a tent city.

Camp Buehring is a transition base for troops moving into Iraq. It's the northern most base in Kuwait, 15 mi. off the southern border of Iraq. This will be Jake's new home starting sometime in July and for the following 6+ months! He will do sick call for the troops moving forward and take care of the pilots that fly medivacs out of Iraq. He will also be in charge of arranging medivac missions into Iraq. We aren't sure of any other responsibilities yet, but we hear they stay pretty busy. Jake was concerned about his deployment because the Camp is in an isolated desert (that gets H-O-T! I'm talking 150 was the high last summer, usually 110 by 9 am) and it's mostly constructed of tents, but we found out there is a Taco Bell there, so everything is ok :) This deployment is for 6 months, boots on ground in Kuwait, plus a few weeks for training and traveling. I'm really hoping it will stay a 6 month deployment (because it isn't uncommon for them to extend them) but I feel blessed that it is only a 6 month deployment.

As for me...I'm moving back in with my parents! Luckily Jake reports in San Diego, so we're driving out to CA around the 1st of July. I'm so grateful to my parents for letting me and the kids move in for so long. I know I'm going to need the support, distraction, and help with the kiddos! I'm thankful Jake's parents live close by too, so I will be surrounded with family!

And HOLY COW! The baby is due in 10 days! I have been busy getting her things ready and slowly packing up our house. We are so excited to meet our little girl and I'm already imagining the "comforts" of a non-pregnant body. I went an almost full 9 mo. without a sleep aid but I can't take it anymore! Pregnancy insomnia is the worst and I'm determined to get a few good nights in before the baby comes....because we all know how much sleep I'll be getting then!!

Why I haven't blogged in awhile...

We've been a little busy.

May 9, 2008


And I thought I would never have to fill one of these out. Turned out it was actually kind of hard and interesting. Here's how this tag works:

Answer these 15 questions about yourself on your blog.
List:3 joys3 fears3 goals3 current obsessions/collections3 random/surprising facts
Tag five people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

3 Joys: Being with my family, Reading, Sleeping through the night!
3 Fears: What my stomach will look like after baby #2, Something tragic happening to a loved one, and I previously had jotted down "Jake deploying" but I unfortunately don't have that to fear anymore. So I would say my biggest fear right now is raising a newborn and a toddler on my own for awhile.
3 Goals: Continue to live and eat healthfully, be optimistic and strong as we go into this deployment, and to organize the kids' closets.
3 Current Obsessions: Granny Smith apples, checking the trash can to see if Eli threw away anything valuable, and medicated Blistex (the kind in the little blue pot). I know, anyone that knows me well knows that the Blistex is an ongoing obsession, but I kicked the habit a few weeks ago when Eli lost my stash (I usually keep one in my nightstand, car, bag, bathroom...). Unfortunately, I had a relapse when I spotted one of those beautiful little pots under my bed and couldn't resist. I'm a full-fledge addict again.
3 Random Facts: I got my tonsils out a few months ago and now I don't like ice cream very much! I also used to love milk chocolate, but it doesn't taste the same anymore. If I do eat chocolate, I want dark chocolate, which used to make me gag. I also couldn't handle sour candy and now I crave Sour Patch Kids (though I rarely eat them, I just think about them...). 2nd random fact: Once I start a book I have to finish it. As I was browsing through our photos on the comp. the other day I noticed "100 Years of Solitude" had been on my nightstand for 2 years! I did finish it though. And 3rd, I love to shop but I hate to spend the money. I'll always consult Jake before a big purchase and then I'll usually try to talk him out of it!

I tag Amanda, Kari J., Andrea M., Kari K., and Shawna....look forward to seeing your lists!

Oh, and if you are wondering, yes, Jake is deploying at the beginning of July. More info. to come on that very soon!

May 3, 2008

Lovin' me some Alan Jackson!

Jake and I finally got to go to the Alan Jackson concert last night. We've had the tickets for ages and we'd been looking forward to it. It was great! Alan Jackson is my favorite male country artist, so I was so happy to finally see him live. He put on a good show, his voice is effortless. Little Big Town was the opener and they did pretty well. Still not a favorite group of mine, but they were entertaining. Going to a concert made us realize how much we miss doing things like that, so we're hoping to pawn Eli off on our friends more often to act like singletons again :)

I know, I have that sweaty concert face.

On a separate note, I think I may be spending too much time at Sam's Club. Of course I would prefer Costco! They're just not as big in the South, so we don't have one near us. So I resort to Sam's Club. Anyway, I realized today that I'm on a first name basis with one of the ladies that checks your card as you walk in. Not only that, she knows my son and future-daughter's name, as I know her daughters' names! This realization almost kept my visitation to a minimum, but who can resist a suburban superstore? That sells slurpees? You can guess where I was this morning.