July 28, 2008

Take one...
Take two...

A mini-vacay in San Diego

As I said in a previous post, the kids and I visited Jake in San Diego for a few days and had a ton of fun. It was a pretty cheap little vacation too. We stayed on base so that was free, then Sea World was free, and we only had to pay half price for me at the Zoo. We also went to the Olympic Training Center, which is beautiful! There are only 3 in the US. Jake and I are big into the Olympics so it was fun to go see the training center. It's on 155 acres in Chula Vista and is equipped to train athletes in 20 different sports! We went to our favorite diner on Coronado, which we were very disappointed with. We used to love the cheap, greasy food, and they have since raised their prices a ton. Anyway, we always have fun as a family and what better place to be together than San Diego?

Brynn was captivated with the show
Wait...there is more than one Shamu?
A favorite mode of transportation for Eli
Eli loved the gorillas. He calls them monkeys...
Gimmie the camera!!
What a sweet brother! He has the best intentions but sometimes shoves her pacifier in a little too hard...
Eli can make friends anywhere! Right before we said goodbye :(

Brynn Smiles!

Brynn started smiling last week. Just in time for Jake to see it before he left!

Their smiles seem so similar to me! What do you think?

A Day of Blessings

While we were all together in CA we blessed Brynn with her name. We blessed Eli at Jake's parent's house and had such a good experience that we decided to bless Brynn at their house also. Jake gave her a really beautiful blessing. We already knew Brynn had a sweet spirit, but after that blessing I know she's going to be my sweet girl forever (excluding maybe her terrible twos. And teenage years). We were dropping Jake of at the Naval Base in San Diego the next day, so he got a blessing from his Dad and I received a blessing from Jake. It was an emotional but very rewarding day. I know that I am still benefiting from the blessing I received.

Pooped out after her exciting day.
Bocce Ball after the blessings
The Men that participated. L to R: Jake's Grandpa, Jake & Brynn, Jake's Dad Larry, Jake's brother Josh, and my Dad Tony.
The families together

July 23, 2008

An Update...in pictures!

I apologize...these pictures are out of order, but there are way too many of them for me to rearrange. And I'm lazy.
We got to see friends Nick and Amanda as they passed through TX on their way to WA. Amanda had their son Carter the day after I had Brynn!
It started pouring as we were sitting on the Riverboat! We all got pretty wet.
Jake & Brynn, Nick & Carter, Amanda, me, Eli, & Jessica
Carter & I... he's so little compared to Brynn! 1 lb makes a big difference
Amanda with Brynn & Eli. Eli loves Amanda so much. I think he misses her just as much as I do!
Playing at the park...
Eli & his buddies Darren & Dallen at the Texas State Aquarium
Jake taking a nap with Brynn
Darren pulling Eli around the pool
Apparently Eli didn't want to be pulled around anymore!
What?! Another nap?? Where's my nap?
Brynn & Mommy
A not so great family picture. Brynn is 2 weeks old here adn Eli is 19 months here.
Eli's really not a baby anymore!!
Bathing beauty
Eli loving the lazy river at the resort in Pheonix
Again at the resort...
The pool that we had all to ourselves
Eli loves to swim!
Jake loves his little girl

An Update..

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. As many of you know, our family has been very busy lately. Two weeks ago we had our house packed up and our stuff put in storage. We moved out of our beautiful (tear..) house and made the three day drive to California. We stayed in a dumpy hotel in a dumpy town called Van Horn in Texas and an awesome resort that happened to be deserted (meaning we had a pool to ourselves for two days) in Pheonix, AZ. Once we got to CA we spent 10 days trying to relax and spending time with family. Jake and I took advantage of our free babysitters and last days together and went on lots of dates. On Sunday we dropped Jake off at the Naval Base in San Diego where he's spending the week processing. Luckily he finished processing early so the kids and I drove down this morning to spend the next 2 1/2 days with him. Saturday morning Jake flies out to South Carolina for 2 1/2 weeks of training and I head back to my parents' house. So that's what we've been up to lately!