August 29, 2008

Eli loves to snuggle with Brynn
I have to keep an eye on him though, I caught him trying to pull Brynn out of the swing yesterday. When he saw me behind him he said, "Mommy! She's stuck!!"
I love my kids so much!!!
She was supposed to be trying to roll over but decided to lounge instead

5 Answers Survey...

Jake & I did this survey together on the webcam, so the answers to the questions are a collaboration of both our answers.

10 Years Ago:
I was in high school
I had really, really long hair
Jake was on his mission
Apparently our memories are pretty bad because we couldn't think of anything else. It could be because it was late at night for him and early in the morning for me.

5 Things on To Do List:
Rach: Go to Costco
Rach: Go swimming with Eli
Jake: Bury Cat 5 cable
Jake: Go to Trauma Lectures
Jake: Take back rental videos

5 Snacks We enjoy:
Fresh Fruit
Red Licorice
Hot Tamales
Diet Soda

5 Things I would do if I was a Millionaire:
We both only had one answer and it was the same: Put the million into a savings account to earn interest, go through residency, then buy a beautiful house in a beautiful area.

5 Places We Have Lived:
Lancaster, CA
Anaheim, CA
San Diego, CA
Pensacola, FL
Corpus Christi, TX

5 Jobs We Have Had:
Rach: Seamstress for Rich family (I made their kids' playclothes, costumes, dress up stuff...and they paid me really well!)
Rach: Front Desk Clerk at High Desert Optometry
Rach: Youth Council VP for Lancaster City Council
Jake: Doctor
Jake: Server
Jake: Fish Factory Worker in Alaska

Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true!

So ALL my dreams aren't coming true these days, but I can't complain. I am a very blessed girl. I did fulfill another 'dream' of mine with my Mom and sister last week. We saw Wicked at the Pantages! Okay, okay, I'm sure you've read about countless people seeing Wicked and are sick of it, but really, it's that good. Jake and I went a few years ago and it was easily the best play I had seen, so I really wanted to see it again someday with my Mom and sister, Erin. We had a blast! It was so fun to go out together. And it was just as entertaining the second time around. Thanks so much to my wonderful mother-in-law for volunteering to watch the kids for the night! She helps me keep my sanity :)
Erin & I
My Mom, Erin, & I
The beautiful Pantages Theater

Ventura Harbor

Argghh! What a cute pirate! (Eli that is...)
My family loves to go to the Ventura harbor. My Camp family loves to go there as well, so between the two families, I have been countless times. We had a picnic on the beach and then let Eli run around the park that is on the beach also. Ventura has an awesome harbor, it houses hundreds and hundreds of boats. Eli loved looking at them! When I go with the Camp's we always stop at Andria's, they have the best clam chowder and fish n chips in CA! If you're ever in Ventura, make sure you stop there!

Diaper Wedgie

I'm considering firing my Mom from diaper changes. This isn't the first time this has happened!

August 22, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth?

WARNING: Lots of pictures ahead. I bought a Disneyland season pass a few days ago and inaugurated it with my Mom, sister Erin, brother Daniel, and the kids. My Mom and sister hadn't been to Disneyland since we were little kids! It was so fun and brought back good memories. When Jake was in med school we lived in Orange County and would go to Disneyland all the time. It made me a little sad to be in places that I had last been with Jake, but it was so fun to take Eli. I know I'll be there with Jake again too, although I'm not sure if he likes to go as much as I do. In his own words, he would cut off his own leg to avoid going 'too' often. Eli had such a good time , it will be fun to go every couple of weeks.You can't tell from this pic, but Eli loves the Teacups. Erin was the muscle of our cup, we all had to just sit for a minute after the ride until we weren't dizzy anymore...even Eli!

This is how Brynn felt about waking up from a nap to cannon fire on Pirates
My bro Dan and Eli
Jungle cruisin'
Eli loves Disneyland!
Waiting for the parade. We weren't planning on watching it but we got stuck on the street and they roped us in!
Eli was captivated with the parade. I never enjoyed the parades much until I had my own little ones get excited over them. I love how you can see Brynn watching the parade in the background too
Waving to the characters
Eli wouldn't take his eyes of his surroundings on the Pooh ride for a picture!

My sis Erin and Eli on Buzz
Let me in, let me in!
The carousel was one of Eli's favorite's of the day, he kept saying, "horsies!"
Brynn & my Mom enjoyed the carousel too

August 18, 2008

My Little Fish

Okay, I kind of hope no one else but Jake watches this video because my voice is annoyingly loud and it's a little long. Disclaimer aside, it's a video clip of Eli swimming on his own, of course with the help of a highly padded body suit and floaties!
There is no subject for this post besides summer fun. I'm going to be posting a lot of pictures, probably pretty randomly, so Jake can see what his family is up to! Eli reminiscing about his swing days...He looks a little nostalgic to me!
Brynn loves to swim too
This is why I rarely let Eli run around in just a diaper.
Snuggling with Grandpa
One of Eli's most beloved activities as of late, "WIMMING!" He can say his s's but for some reason prefers wimming to swimming. And I often write in caps when quoting Eli because he only has one volume: LOUD. Well, maybe two: LOUDER.
Brynn loving her Uncle Daniel
All ready for church. I later found out the dress is silk...after she spit up all over it...and is dry clean only. What?! Dry clean only for babies? Thanks a lot OMA!!
Gosh Mom, enough with the the way, I made that headband...pretty sweet, huh?
Eli thoroughly enjoying one of Grandpa's smoothies
Eli loves to play with "Brynny," as he calls her. I think he's trying to call her Brynn-dy (Brynndy? Brynndie? I've never spelled it out, so I don't know which is correct, what do you think?) like we do, but can't quiet say it.

August 6, 2008

Passing Time

I can't believe it has already AND only been 2 weeks without my husband. Time sure is going by, although sometimes it feels like the day flew by and others it feels like it has dragged on. In the words of another, 'nobody said it would be easy, nobody said it would be so hard.' So, to keep my mind occupied (because we know how dangerous it is to have too much time to think!), I am reading like a mad woman. I have always loved to read and anticipating the amount of time I would have on my hands, I stocked up on a few books I have been eyeing. I don't know how many I'll read while Jake is gone, but I'm hoping to read a lot. Jake has his own undisclosed number that he thinks I'll get through, so I'm going to keep a list of the books I've finished on the sidebar. Mostly for his amusement, but hopefully for yours as well :) Any book suggestions are welcome and wanted!!

The first book I read is called "Darcy's Story." It's basically Pride and Predjudice told from Darcy's point of view. I knew the book wouldn't compare to Pride and Predjudice, but who can resist Mr. Darcy? I liked the book because it tells (from the authors speculations) where Darcy is and what he's doing at certain points of Pride and Predjudice. The book made me really want to watch the movie. I would read the book, but I'm reading something else right now. And I've read it a million times. Don't worry, I'm not going to do an analysis of each book I read, that would bore even me. I just though ya'll would like to know about Darcy's Story.

And yes, I'm saying ya'll now. I felt so silly saying it before, but I've lived in the south for over a year now (excluding my current...vacation...) so I think that qualifies me. Plus it's just easier to say and type than 'you all'. And my sister in law who just moved to Charlston, SC says it now, so if she can say it, so can I.