November 24, 2008

What the?!

Jake and I were shopping together the other night on (by together I mean both browsing at the same time..) and we came across this hat. It's so wrong!! Why would they sell a hat like this?! Andrea Moss, I'm sure you will agree with me :)

November 18, 2008

Just as I was reaching for my book during the kids' nap time there was a knock on the door. I was greeted with this beautiful bouquet of flowers, ordered from Kuwait by my sweet husband, congratulating me on two years of motherhood. I love that man of mine!!!

November 17, 2008

Thanks... everyone that called or wished Eli a happy birthday! It was very special to have all his aunts and uncles call and a few friends too, he had so much fun talking on the phone! It was hard for me because I couldn't share it with Jake, but everyone helped make is so special. We appreciate all your kindness and love you all!!!

Birthday Boy

Eli turned 2 on Sunday! It's hard to believe he went from this:to this:to this in just a few years!
We had a Mickey Birthday Extravaganza!!
the California weather was beautiful that evening! We had a nice dinner outside with the sunset
Kisses for the birthday boywhat would a perfect day be without a little putting?
yes, he was spooooiled! getting a little help from Grandpathis was the first year (out of two..haha) he was excited to open his presents. It was a lot of fun to watch!Grandma and Grandpa upgraded his wheels!
playing with his spoils
Brynn likes to party!
Uncle Dan and Eli. I was surprised, the guys were all good about wearing the Mickey party ears!
Brynn loves her Uncle Daniel
The cake! I had never decorated a cake like this before...thanks for your help Mom! I have newfound respect for all those cakes I had growing up! Phew, talk about a lot of work. We're singing 'happy birthday' here and I look surprised because Eli suddenly got up and scrambled up Daniel yelling, "No, HOT!" I guess I taught him a little too well about fire...
So he didn't like the candles on the cake, but he sure enjoyed eating it! Yum, chocolate...

November 9, 2008

Vacation to Charleston, SC

My Mother in law, Chris, the kids & I recently returned from a trip to visit Bremen & Andrea (my brother & sister in law) & their kids Dane, Lexi, & Lily in Charleston, SC. It was such a fun trip, I was sad to come home! Bremen & Andrea were the best hosts, letting us take over their house, feeding us some really great food, showing us around their city. Here are some pics:Imagine 33 lbs of unbridled energy on your lap, with a 1 ft. radius to release it in. Welcome to my airplane purgatory. Plane rides are painful with a 2 year old, theres just no way around it.After our connecting flight in Atlanta LEFT EARLY, we spent a few hours in the airport, a few more at the "Quality" Inn, then watched the sunrise on our flight to Charleston the next morning.Eli loves Dane & Lexi! He got up every morning to see them before they went to school...those were some early mornings.Ah, the glazed over look one gets from watching Thomas the Tank Engine at 7 am. If you're wondering, I wore the same expression.
We crammed into the car for some sight seeing. Lexi, I'm sorry your eyes are funky, but it's not my best picture either. At any rate, it represents the chaos that was the backseat nicely.Here we're at Boone Hall Plantation pumpkin patch"Show me your pumpkins!"I LOVE bounce houses! I try to pretend it's Eli that drags me in, but he really wasn't into it this time, so my cover was blown. I had so much fun playing with my nieces and nephew!!We went to Savanna, GA. These cobblestone streets date back to the 1600's!
At the Lady & Son's, Paula Deen's restaurant. We were planning on eating here but forgot about reservations. Whoops! Just looking at all the fried chicken was enough for me though.One of MANY beautiful homes in downtown Savannah. Angel Oak, the largest tree on the East coast. It is over 1500 years old! Really amazing to see.Magnolia Plantation & GardensIt was beautiful thereWe had a lot of fun in this maze!! The kids had a good time in this herb garden
They had some swamps that were actually PRETTY. I love the Spanish moss that grows on all the trees out there.At an open air market in downtown Charleston that has been open since the 1700'sYep, I appease my kids with food.
At the local beach, Isle of Palms
Bremen & Dane, Eli, & LilyShell hunting, we actually found some pretty cool ones.Shopping downtown. Andrea & I stopped for a pic in front of the Peninsula Grill where Bremen & Annie ate a delicious meal and this cake the night before:They brought Mom & I a piece home (thanks!!). This is the cake I made for a party a few weeks ago and I was happy to see that mine tasted very similar! I told Jake & he said, "great, now I don't have to take you there!"
Other random, but GREAT pictures:
A standoff! We had a few of these (Eli & Lily are only 5 mo. apart) but by the end of the trip they were great friends!
They love their Opa
Dane making Brynn smile
Eli & Lily playing in the rain. It actually rained 11 in. that day
Aren't they cute?! Poor Eli got some bug bites on his face that turned into an infection :(
I love this picture! Eli & Lily would climb into this wagon & dance together. They would also have these hilarious conversations, complete with hand gestures. We had a lot of fun watching them from the window!
On a stroll around the neighborhood, these kids ride in style
Eli loves Dane, & Dane was so sweet to him! They are the only male grandkids, they have to stick together!
Bless the portable DVD player!
Another great picture; Lexi was so sweet with Brynn. She even rocked & sang her to sleep once!!