January 19, 2009

Interesting Keepsakes

One of the more interesting experiences Jake has had in Kuwait is being awarded two General's coins. I'm sure most of my non-military friends are scratching their heads, "General's coins?" A General's coin is a military tradition with the unit's crest on the front of the coin and a custom design on the back, originally handed out for a job well done.
Jake and HN Beluyot (a corpsman he works with) were nominated by the CO of their clinic for the good work they had been doing. They were then awarded these coins at a ceremony including other nominees from bases around Kuwait by a 1 star Army General.
The second coin Jake recieved was from General Hunzeker, a 3 STAR Army General. That's pretty cool, you don't often meet many 3 stars in a military career!! He was awarded the coin for the ongoing treatment he had been giving General Hunzeker.

January 14, 2009

Vacation, all I ever wanted...vacation, had to get away...

Okay, so I didn't have to get away, but I jumped at the chance to go meet my newest niece, Presley. I drove up to Soda Springs, ID with my in-laws for a very quick trip for Presley's blessing. I love to be with family, especially my nieces and nephew, so I was really looking forward to this trip and am sad it's over already. Thanks for having us Joe and Mandy! We had a blast and can't wait to come back soon.
I cannot believe this is the only picture I go of Presley. I'm so mad at myself! She was sleeping a lot though...so it's not entirely my fault...geez, Presley! Mandy did take some pics of the kids and I with her and some of Brynn and Presley, so I'll add those when she sends me a few. Isn't she adorable?
Eli loved hanging out with Alyssa and eating at the little kid table. I have to get one of those. Dinner was so much more peaceful. But then again, he has to have someone little to eat with (or should I say entertain) him there.
These two are so cute together! Alyssa cracks me up, she is the most dramatic and hilarious little girl, Eli picked up a new phrase from her, "Holy Hannah!" This is her "cheese!" for the camera smile.
Yikes, that's a lot of snow. And yes, that is Eli all pretty in pink. We didn't come equipped with snow gear, so we borrowed this outfit from Alyssa. Joe and Mandy have three daughters and so you can imagine: dolls, make up kits, curling irons and tea sets...and one car.
Katie was so sweet playing with Eli, he really loves her!
The snowstorm we had a few months ago was nothing compared to this! I froze my tush off.
Aunt Mady was handing Eli icicles from the roof and he had fun smashing them on the ground
Katie taught Eli how to play baseball on the wii, I think it's one of the few games a 2 year old can play. Although Alyssa, at 3, killed me in Mario Kart. I just need a little more practice...
So if I can't have a husband right now can I at least have Katie?! She was such a good helper with Brynn, I hardly had to take care of her at all. Thanks again Katie, you are such a good big sister and cousin!
checkin out the new kid in town :)
we played lots...
and lots of wii...

*I have a few more pictures to upload on another camera, so stay tuned...

January 9, 2009

L.A. Zoo

A few weeks ago my parents, sister and I took the kids to the zoo I used to go to as a kid, the LA Zoo. Eli's so inquisitive and interested in animals right now, it's the perfect age for the zoo. The weather was absolutely beautiful!
The gorillas watching us watch them
Grandpa and Eli looking at Eli's favorite of the day, the turtles!
I have no idea why Eli loves these massive turtles so much, but he does. They are pretty cool to watch move slowly around.
Eli eating like an animal and maybe smelling like one, the way Erin is holding her nose...
Brynn was just happy to be strolled around with her zebra

January 8, 2009

Christmas Recap

As I uploaded pictures from my camera today I realized I never posted about Christmas, tsk tsk. I would usually say it goes by too fast, but I am grateful for each day that passes quickly! I did have a fantastic time with all my family though. Family time is what I love the most about Christmas.
Me, Brynn and Eli dressed in our Christmas bestSo darn cute!!
We celebrated Christmas with Jake on his Christmas morning and our Christmas Eve. We opened our presents from each other in front of the webcam. We had about an hour and a half together before Jake had to go to work (yep, working on Christmas) and it was a TON of fun! The webcam really has made it easier to feel together during separation. Eli's showing Jake a present he's about to open...
...it's a BYU hat! And it happens to match one Daddy got as a present also.
See, he's wearing it in this picture. You can also see Jake's little tree in the background. I sent him a REAL LIVE 3 ft. Christmas tree and all kinds of decorations. Eli and I had a lot of fun making ornaments and other crazy things for Jake to hang around his trailer, like a stocking, snowmen and a nativity. Jake's Mom also sent a ton of stuff; the star topper, a tree skirt, tinsel. I'm sure he had the best tree in Buehring.
Eli trying on his gift from Oma and Opa, a real mini-golf bag! It's it adorable?! He also got a hybrid club which he favors over his putter and other club (sorry Opa...I admit I don't know the name of that one...iron?) When we moved here Eli was always trying to hit whiffle balls with Opa's big clubs, so they cut a club down for him so he could manage it. Turns out he really loves it and is pretty good. I'm serious, he can hit straighter than me.
Brynn taking her turn in front of the webcamAnd Oggi too.
Brynn really loved the little box Jake sent her from Kuwait, I think she liked how flashy it was. He got the kids some awesome gifts from the local vendors. I wish I got a picture of the other beautifully carved boxes he had made for each of the kids. And he got Brynn an ethnic costume...too cute! I can't wait till she fits in it! Christmas morning at my parent's house. Eli is opening his Mickey duplos. After he opened that gift, that was it for him. He was so excited about it and of course made me open it right then and played with it for the rest of the day. Brynn's favorite gift was a My Little Pony. I had this same one when I was little! Now that I think about it, I wonder where that thing is?? Under the couch? In the toybox? Stashed in the 'trunk' of Eli's car?? And that icecream maker in the background was supposed to be mine (tear..) but my sis Erin got it since I am living out of the already packed trunk of my car.Erin and Brynn (and a fire...ahhh, I love being able to have a fire!)
Eli and I were both sad when Erin had to go back to school, she's in her last year in the BYU nursing program. She's such a great help with the kids and they LOVE her!Eli and Uncle Josh (Jake's younger brother, he's at the Y too), watching Harry Potter together. Eli was spoiled to have his Aunt and Uncles home during Christmas break and he ate them up! Josh is so good about playing with him too, Eli loves "Joshy." I don't think I could get away with calling him that :)
And this is two days after Christmas, on our anniversary. Jake sent me these beautiful roses. They lasted a long time too, I just threw them out.

January 3, 2009


Another part of Jake's job is to get flight time in these HS-60 medivacs, they are the Navy's equivalent to the Blackhawk. Here Jake is with a bunch of other medical officers: He also is one of the Doctors that helps medivac patients to other bases or hospitals, they are in the process of transferring a patient in this pic:
Onboard the HS-60