February 15, 2009


Each night I would x off the day on my calendars next to my bed. I can't tell you how happy I was to x off those last few days!!
Holding Brynn for the first time in 7 monthsHolding Eli for the first timeSo happy to be together again! I don't think my smile could get any bigger!! My parents and Jake's parents were also at the airport to welcome him home. I wish I got a picture of all of us together!
"I think....I lost.....my Daddy muscles!"
Eli always was a Daddy's boy and is once again glued to Jake. He keeps telling me, "Daddy do it," "Want Daddy," "Daddy sit here!" I thought 7 months might have converted him to Mommy but I was wrong!
Brynn has taken to her Daddy so quickly. She let him hold her right away and loves him so much already!!
He wasn't going to let go of her anytime soon!
Waiting at baggage. Jake was the only military personnel on the flight and we got lots of clapping, congratulations, and 'thank yous'. It was really neat.
We are so thankful to have Jake home again. It was a trial for us, but as with most trials, we were blessed through it in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for the love and support you have shown us!! I've lived on it the past 7 months. Enjoy our homecoming pictures! It was one of the greatest days of our lives!! Posts full of house hunting, moving, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, and settling back into normal life are coming up. But for now, I'm going to go enjoy my family, my whole family :)

February 14, 2009

I got the best Valentine's present ever, and it even came a few hours early...

more to come...

February 10, 2009

Here's the thing: I'm not a big make-up person. I wear concealer when I have to, a little blush when I want to, and mascara. It's not that I don't like make up, the truth is, I have always been a little intimidated by it. I don't know what I'm doing, so the safest thing has been for me to keep my distance, therefore my dignity. But a change was in store.
It began last weekend when my Mom and I were at the Glendale Galleria girl-bonding. After the third assumption that I was my childrens' older sister I decided right then and there that it was time to make a change. We strolled on over to Sephora and much to Eli's delight (lots of tester makeup at his level and within arms reach), spent 30 minutes searching for that special something. I settled on an eyeshadow palette. Of all the untouchables of my make-up past, eyeshadow was the leader. A lot can go wrong with eyeshadow. But as soon as I saw this one, I knew it designed for me...
I enlisted the help of a beauty expert (my Mom) tonight and learned how to apply eyeshadow correctly. I have to admit, I was happy with the results and am sure it added a few years to my appearance.
I have always looked young for my age and it used to drive me nuts. But I'm trying to embrace that this is an advantage that I have, imagine when I'm 40! So I'll suck it up for now and use the eyeshadow when I need to.
Like I said earlier, I do wear mascara on a daily basis, it's the only make-up that I consider my friend. I've tried every kind out there but remain faithful to Max Factor 2000 Calorie. I even splurged on DiorShow once after I kept reading about it in Instyle. It really was great, but not worth the money. So ladies, what are your beauty secrets or favorites?? I can't wait to hear!

February 9, 2009

I was going through my pictures today and I found this gem! Both of my kids have spit up a lot, but this was a little more than usual for Brynn. If you look closely you can see a puddle on the counter top as well and some splashing on the cabinet walls. Brynn looks a little stunned herself!

Oh, how they grow...

The last time Jake saw Eli he still had some baby chub and was a few inches shorter
The last time he saw Brynn she was 5 weeks old and floppyNow:
The last time he saw me I was 28 lbs heavier!
Relax, I just lost some baby chub too. My hair is a little longer too.
It's just been the three of us for awhile now...but I really can't wait to see the three of them together again!!

February 8, 2009

Do you ever wonder what Kuwait looks like?

Well you're in luck. I have some pictures Jake sent me from the few liberty trips he got to take to Kuwait city to share with you! Unfortunately I couldn't pull up the text that went along with the pictures. So you and I will have to guess together...
I don't think this is the DFAC (basically the cafeteria on base) because it has a tablecloth and a lamp in the corner. That's a little too nice for the military. But they are in their uniforms and they usually don't wear their uniforms on liberty. Your guess is as good as mine on this one!
The main marina
more marina with some buddies on liberty
that is Kuwait City
dinner out on the town, looks comfy.
Starbucks in a warzone

I think this is in the fancy mall Jake went to...it's like Beverly Hills, but in a mall. In Kuwait.

the stock exchange? or train station?

Maybe I will repost this when Jake gets back with the correct captions...

Who's up for an arranged marriage?

I like the idea of picking spouses for my kids from friends' kids! So far Iris is a front runner for Eli.
We went to visit my good friend Debbi in Orange County last week and Eli and Iris had a blast playing together, they are only 2 weeks apart. These pictures are actually from the last time we got together, I was having too much fun being fed by Debbi to take pictures!
"See Iris, this is Emily. She's my favorite right now." This commentary was probably followed by the "CHOOWOOO" sound effect he loves so much. I hear it in my sleep.
It stinks that we always end up moving away from our friends! But I'm glad I had the chance to visit while we've been in CA.

*On a sidenote, it took us nearly 4 hours to drive home from this trip. A drive that usually takes a little over an hour. I also had to take the 91 to the 57 to the 210 to the 5 to the 14. Ahhhh, California. But I can't complain, it's all a part of what I love about CA so much. All the people mean a lot of diversity and interesting cultures and the massive freeways mean everything is accessible.

*Disclaimer: I'm not really arranging my children's marriages. But Matt and Debbi, you can keep Eli in mind ;)

February 2, 2009

Band of Brothers

Ever hear of the series 'Band of Brothers'?
A group of men that the series was based on toured the bases in the middle east, giving talks, answering questions...and of course offering photo ops. Jake and I loved the series, it was a privilege for him to meet these brave men.


It's something Jake and the others at the clinic would do to pass time.
This was a special bbq...it was for a girls' birthday party. She wanted to have a white trash trailer park bbq since most of (the lucky ones) live in trailers there.
This picture of Jake cracks me up!! It's a little intense, huh?

Soaking up the sun

The weather has been great lately so we've been spending a lot of time outdoors. Eli loves to tag around with Grandpa!
A trick he learned from the big kids! He tired to follow them on the big slide but found success on the kiddie slide.
Eli loves playing at the park, he went through the course and down this slide at least 100 times this afternoon.
Brynn was happy just to sit on her quilt and people watch
Grandpa let Eli drive in the hills
and now Eli asks to "go drivin" every time we get in the car!
Here is a car that is properly suited for him! Stationary and plastic. He loves Toon Town in Disneyland
Like Mother like son. Who knows what we are looking at. But it isn't the camera.
Taking a little time out on the Mark Twain. I love going on the train and the Mark Twain when we need a break from walking or to feed the kids or even to change diapers...is that allowed?!...I don't know, but it certainly beats the dirty changing tables.
Aw Man! We had a casualty. Brynn took one for the team when she ate it in the stroller. One of the wheels got caught in the trolley rut when I was going off a curb. I wasn't paying attention and ran right into the stroller which then tipped over. She hit her head on the asphalt and it wasn't that serious, but a bump was swelling so we went to the health office to get some ice...we got the royal treatment and front of the line pass for Peter Pan! Finally!! I told Eli it's his turn next time.
"I'm listening...really!"