March 29, 2009

It's Finally Happened....

Just shy of 10 months, Brynn finally got her first tooth. I was starting to worry there weren't any teeth in there at all!! Eli got his first tooth at 6 months so it baffled me when I didn't see any in Brynn's mouth. But I learned a few months ago that it's pretty normal for some babies not to teeth till they are older. I am going to be sad to see that gummy smile go! ta-da! Can you see it?? Brynn is so proud.
" up!!!"
And the close up. My kids are so good, I never even knew when they were teething (until they are toddlers and they have perfected the fine art of whining). With Eli, Jake gave him his finger one day to chew on the keep him entertained and we were both surpised when Eli bit down with a tooth! It was the same with Brynn, except it was my finger she was gnawing on.

March 26, 2009

Runnin' em Ragged...

My Dad likes to joke that I run my kids ragged...and today it was true! I pushed Brynn through her mid-morning nap to get my errands done before afternoon naps and, well, she didn't make it through lunch.
poor girl!

It takes a lot more than a morning full of errands to knock Eli out.

Why does the cake say Jake, you ask? The kids and I threw him a much belated birthday party this week since we were away from home on his birthday. Although he did have a great birthday in CA, I felt bad because I didn't get to make him a birthday dinner or cake. I didn't even give him presents (NOT my fault, he bought his own this year). We finally had a free night this week and surprised Jake when we all came home from a softball game. We feasted on sate (one of the Indonesian dishes we love), brown rice (sorry Mom! I know I'm breaking with the traditional yellow rice here but I didn't have any! And Corpus isn't exactly the mecca of international foods) and peanut sauce for dinner. Jake opened his presents and then we tore into these beauties... The cake is chocolate with a coconut center, topped with a little (cause a little goes a long way!) ganache and toasted coconut. Muy delicioso. I love using my mini bunt pans too, adorable.
So much for staying svelte for the cruise (4 more days!!)

March 24, 2009

Staight from Kuwait

Jake brought Brynn home a couple of ethnic dresses from Kuwait and I finally put one on Brynn today. So it's a little dressy for everyday, but what girl doesn't like to dress up once in awhile?! The embroidery is so intricate and beautiful
It even comes with a little sash or scarf but Brynn didn't think it was practical
the back

March 22, 2009

I know these video clips aren't that interesting to a ton of people but the Grandparents eat them up!! I'm going to try to post more videos since we live so far from all our relatives. This is Brynn at 9 months.


This one's for you, Mom!

Eli was an early crawler, so I was miffed when Brynn proved to be a late crawler. I tried all kinds of tricks and incentives to get her to start but I gave it all up a few months ago. She was so happy to just sit and watch, so why complain? Then, one evening a few weeks ago, I had Eli in the bathtub and Brynn playing in the living room. I was in Eli's room straightening up before bedtime and I saw Brynn crawl by out of the corner of my eye, headed to Eli and the tub. I was so shocked, I picked her up and put her back in the living room to watch from the beginning. She got up on her knees like nothing and made her way back to the bathroom. It's taken me a long time to post this video because it takes SO long through blogger, but I started feeling guilty! Here you go Mom!


I love Sundays; church, relaxing, family dinner, and the park! We've been lucky to live within short walking distance to a park the last couple of years and we like to take advantage of that on quiet evenings.
So THAT'S why there are leg holes on both sides...
Eli would run and run all day if he could

so much easier to push them together on one swing!

Notice she finally has enough hair to hold a tiny clip? It seems like we lose half of them but I don't mind this losing investment. It's too cute!

I've noticed some long lost family checking out the blog, especially after my Grandma's passing. My parents (Tony and Norma McCammon) would like me to post their email,, for any family to use to get in contact with them. We would love to hear from you and reconnect!

March 17, 2009

In Loving Memory

My earlierst memory is of my brother Daniel and I at my Grandma Filipson's house on a sunny morning. We're watching cartoons together on her old dial TV as Grandma cooks in the kitchen. I go outside and wander through her blooming gardens. Even at 3 years old I can appreciate the beauty. I hear Grandma call out, "Liefe!" and I come running. I meet her in the kitchen and she tells me to have a warm cookie.

I can see and hear her so perfectly in this memory and to me, it encapsles everything I love most about her. Her thick accent, her speech: a broken English strewn with Dutch, the gardens she carefully tended until the last weeks of her life, , her generous heart, that sweet smile, and her cooking...oh, her cooking! My Grandma loved to cook traditional dishes and passed her enthusiasm for the kitchen on to my Mom, who passed it on to me. I'm so glad I learned to cook Indonesian curry (the best, if you ask me!), Sate, Nasi Goreng, Stroopwafels, Lumper and so much more, because this food, these recipes, they remind me of her. They remind me that I am a part of her and that isn't something that life or death will change.

She used to tell me 'stories' when I was little and as I grew, up I realized they were real experiences from growing up in Indonesia and from later in her life, after she immigrated to America in her 40's. I have always found her life fantastical and inspirational. I know my children will never physically know their Great Grandmother in this life but she lives on in our memories, in me. I can't wait to introduce my kids to her through the traditions, values, and recipes she passed on to me.

I love you Grandma, I already miss hearing you say, "Ach, Liefe, you are so skinny!! Eat, eat!!" as you pinch my side, hand me a box of cookies and offer to cook me a meal. What a blessing it is to know we will see each other again in the Eternities.

In Loving Memory of Jenny Henrietta Paulina Filipson

What's For Dinner??

I always used to make out my menus and grocery list for a week and a half at a time to save me 1.too much thought, 2. too much effort, and 3. money. It's been awhile since I've cooked for my own family and it was a little harder than I thought it would be to get back into the swing of things! I've been to the grocery store at least once a week the past month, ouch. After seeing a few friends' post their menus for the week I was insipred to return to my old ways. So, here's what's for dinner at the Camp's for the next week and a half, care to join us?

W-Tagine Style Chicken
R- Pasta al Forno
F- Grilled Chicken & Asparagus
S- Light Turkey Chili & Cornbread
S- Pot Roast
M- Brown Rice, Vegetable, & Sausage Pilaf
T- Chicken & Fettucine Noodles
W- Grilled Chicken, Brown Rice, & Vegetables
R- Broccoli Soup & Homemade Bread
F-Enchilada Casserole
S- Teryaki Salmon & Vegetables

March 16, 2009

These pictures make me so happy I couldn't resist posting them, even if they are weeks old now. I took these pictures the first few days Jake was home with the kids.
Jake was amazed at Eli's golfing. It's hard to imagine but he really is coordinated for a little guy. Jake spent a lot of time hearing about Eli golfing, it was fun for him to finally hit balls with him.
Although we only had 2 days to relax and work off the jet lag, we made the most of it with lots of playing, laughing, and cuddling.
Nothing is better than seeing this little girl smile!
He still has the touch! She actually doesn't fall asleep in my arms very often, I was amazed that she did for Jake the first day he was home. She loves her Daddy.
I'm not sure if I ever posted pictures of Eli's room at my parents'. You can say the theme of his room was "Daddy" I read that it was helpful to have pictures of the deployed parent around the children, I took this suggestion and ran with it! That was amazing advice. Eli loved to look at the pictures and he even talked to them during his nap time. It was even theraputic for me to go in his room and be surrounded by Jake. My Mom hasn't had the heart to take it down yet!
Eli showing Jake the poster that hung above his bed
and showing him the chain we added to every night. Each day Jake was gone we would write something we loved about Daddy on a slip of paper and add it to the chain.It still makes me smile to see Jake and the kids together again. Life is good, friends, life is good!

Another Fun Homecoming!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the reason for our quick return to California was to welcome my brother Matt home from his mission. He served in the Denver North Colorado Mission. I wish I got more pictures of our week with Matt but I was having too much fun visiting to think about my camera. Welcome home Matt, we missed you so much and are so happy to have you home. We're proud of you, you've been an inspiration to us all! I'm sure the next few years will be as wonderful to you as the last two have been. Here are the few pictures I did get:
Waiting for Matt's plane to arrive. After walking up and down the airport many times with Grandma and Grandpa, being appointed a junior TSA officer, and playing tag with Mommy in baggage claim, he found a comfortable perch atop Jake's shoulders.
And the first hug goes you even need me to tell you? The first hug always goes to the Mom!!
Meeting Brynn for the first time. Matt is such a great Uncle, the kids both took to him right away and it's no wonder the way he plays with them!
Me, Eli, my Dad, and my once little bro. He is definately not little anymore!
my brother Dan and Matt together
Eli helping with the luggage.Most of our time together was spent just relaxing and talking as a family but one day we spent a few hours at the bowling alley. Can you believe they make bowling shoes this small?!
Brynn didn't get to bowl this time but her idea of a fun time is being passed from doting relative to doting relative
I am a fan of bowling with the bumpers. I had a pretty good game! Eli didn't do so bad either. He had so much fun I think we'll make bowling a regular outing.

Another Year Older

A week after we settled into our new house in Corpus we flew back to California to welcome my brother home from his mission. We got there a few days before he did so we spent one of them, Jake's birthday, at Disneyland. It ws really fun for Jake to take Eli on all his favorite rides and see his excitement in person rather than all the pictures I post. He had been looking forward to taking Eli himself for the longest time. We went with my mother in law and father in law. It was a lot of fun to share this special day with them. Happy Birthday Jake!!
They had a lot of fun on Buzz together. Eli's high was a level 4! I have no clue how he did it since he aimlessly points and shoots. I tried his technique once and it did nothing for me.
Waiting patiently in line
The three of us on the Pooh ride...I love Eli's expression, it's always like this when we go on rides, such quiet wonder.
Jake's parents treated us to the most delicious lunch at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant you see on Pirates of the Carribean. We've always wanted to go there and it was SO worth it, it was really a great meal and an unforgettable birthday gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
What a lucky boy eating at such a place! 2 year olds in nice restaurants is always risky business but he was great.
It was a special treat to have Opa with us at Disneyland, Brynn really liked going on the rides with him.
We don't usually ride Peter Pan (unless we have a handicap pass...) because the wait is always 30 minutes but this day it was ONLY 20 minutes, so we braved the line. And it was worth it, that ride is so cute.
Jake really enjoyed taking Eli on Autopia, this time he was yelling, "Yay! I'm driving!" and "Holy Cow!"
Opa taking his turn with Eli on the shoulders
Jake got a little intese on Buzz.