April 29, 2009

It's time to clear my book list. Before Jake deployed he guessed a number of books I would read while he was gone and I kept a running list on my blog. He guessed 22...hah! I actually thought I would read much more too, anticipating all this free time that I would want to occupy my mind. Ah, so naive. You can never guess the crazy life of a single mom unless you live it! I did have some free time though and read a lot of great books. My favorites were The Secret Life of Bees (still haven't seen that movie, I wonder if it's as good as the book?), The Space Between Us (I love books set in India, the culture fascinates me), Tuesdays with Morrie (makes you want to live your best life) and Sanditon (thanks for recommending this Taryn, I'm an Austen girl at heart!). Since then I've read a few more...
I'm still working on this one, I should finish it in a day or two. Her writing style is amazing and it's pretty true to history. I like books that teach you something.
This is a really popular movie so I thought I would give the book a try but I wasn't impressed. I found the characters incredibly selfish and shallow. I would dsecribe this book, in a word, as 'depressing'.
I don't read too many books that are completely whimsical, but every once in awhile I'll pick one up. A little hard to get into at first, but once I understood the story, I really enjoyed it. I had been wanting to read this one for a long time but WWII novels can be a little unsetteling. I'm glad I read it because it was intriguing. And the backstory on the author makes you want to read the stories even more.

April 21, 2009

NEARLY Impossible...

...to get a picture of these two both looking at the camera!
"Eli, look over here!"
"Matt, you blinked."
"ELI! Look at Mommy!"
"Okay. I think I got it."

Matt+Martha= fun afternoon!

Matt found the cutest puppet kit from Martha Stewart at Walmart, he brought it to put together with Eli. He is the sweetest Uncle!
Eli did a pretty good job putting them together, the kit was really kid friendly.
Concentrating :)

Sandfest 2009

Eli pointed out that this sculpture looked like Ratatouille. Everything in his life seems to relate to a movie!
This years' winner, I can't remember if it was called "Lost in Time.." or something similar...
I liked this sculpture a lot. I wish I could curl up in a shell and sleep the day away today!
"Mom, did you read this?!"
I love my little family
Love those cheeks!
From the amateur section
Trying to convince Eli to stick his hand in the fish's mouth. Didn't happen.
Attacking her Daddy
Eli and I are suckers for the castles. We've been watching Enchanted lately so whenever we saw a castle Eli would yell, "Look Mommy, a castle! Where the princess lives!"
Squinty brother and sister, the sunset was beautiful but wasn't kind on our pics!
Matt teaching Eli how to throw sand...
...and Eli winding up to throw sand at my butt.

Playing in the water. At least Matt and I are looking!

South Texas Shootout

This Friday and Saturday we went to the airshow, the South Texas Shootout (what a name..), with my brother Matt. We love airshows, the jets are awesome and Eli loves all the static displays. The Blue Angels are based in Pensacola, FL, where we used to live and I actually miss hearing them fly over my house. It was fun to watch their practice routines from the backyard. Like always, they put on an awesome show! Matt and Eli checking out the Helo
We went to part of the airshow again on Saturday because Jake had to work it all weekend and we wanted to see him for a bit. We're watching the Blue Angels from one of the medical tents. Brynn's face here reminds me of some I used to make when I was a baby! My parents would call me scrunchy.
Clapping for the Blues
This is Brynn's new thing, she likes to stick her lips out and blow, it amuses her.
You gotta stay hydrated! Here we're at the airshow for military members on Friday, we watched that show from the hospital roof. The view was better on the tarmac, but it was fun to be on the roof and get a good breeze off the ocean.
Matt watching Fat Albert

April 16, 2009

Easter Fun

I really love Easter, it's a beautiful day of rememberance. Easter usually means spending time with our families but since we are so far away, we spent the day with our friends' the Ponds. I had about 40 colored and candy filled eggs and Jocelyn brought about 70 more, so the boys had a blast hunting.
Candy break
Couldn't get a single pic of them all looking up at once! They were too excited with their bounty.
Sharing with Brynn
"Hmm Dallen, what do you have in there?"
"I think I'll trade you this one..."
Counting the eggs. Remember doing this as a kid?!
Jocelyn brought over goodies for the boys to decorate sugar cookies, Eli and Darren's were just piles of icing and sprinkles! Dallen was pretty creative though.
His cookies didn't last very long.
Yeah, we had a major sugar highs that day. The boys ran rampant around the house while the adults played a game and Brynn and Avery (Pond's 4 day old baby!! wish I got a pic!) slept. Who could ask for a better day?!

Milk...It Does a Body Good

My kids love milk, they'll sit together and guzzle until their sippy cups are empty. Eli is actually moving on from his sippy cup but likes to drink out of one once in awhile with Brynn. I love their big eyes in this pic!
She has curls above her ears like Eli had as a baby, I love that!

Loving my New Toy

My parent's got me this ice cream maker attatchement for my kitchenaid for my bday. I love, love, love it! There is nothing better than fresh, homemade ice cream. I've already made vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, your basic favorites. The stawberry was my favorite because it had chunks of real strawberry in it. I had to stop myself with the ice cream for a few weeks though because my pants were getting a little tight. I need to learn how to make frozen yogurt.

Copycat Field Day

My sister in law Andrea recently did a post about field day in their house. I loved the idea and wish I had more than one to put into action! Eli's favorites are loading the washer, wiping the counters and tables, sweeping (not so good at that one..), putting his toys away (not so good at that one either..) and loading the dishwasher. I know field day is usually just once a week but it seems like it's been everyday this week. Am I abusing the system??

We have a Visitor!

My brother Matt flew in yesterday and is here visiting till Monday. We only got to spend a few days with him when he got home from his mission a few months ago so we're excited to have him here! The kids are loving it too, Eli can't stop talking to him..."Matt, Uncle Matt, hey, Uncle Matt..." And he brought our dog Layla home! We decided it would be easier to drive back to TX without her, thinking we would fly her home with us after Matt's homecoming...we booked thru Southwest and they don't fly pets. SO long story short: Matt is here. Worked out just fine! It's good to have our dog back, to Brynn she is a brand new toy and to Layla, Brynn is a brand new threat!!
Thank you Grandma for the sharks, Eli has been chowing down!...and I know the stawberries were supposed to be for Brynn, but Jake, Matt and I sure enjoyed
them last night :) Brynn did get one...
*I'm playing catch up with my blog while our visitor is catching up on his sleep..

April 8, 2009

Bananas in my Backyard

We have a banana tree in our backyard! I didn't realize it until the bananas started growing a few weeks ago, until then it just looked kinda freaky with the huge flower/bulb that hangs down. I was starting to wonder if it was an insect OR people eating plant...take a look for yourself...
Here are some of the bananas I picked this morning. They are the mini bananas you sometimes see at the grocery store. They're also a little sweeter than regular bananas.
Eli saw me picking the bananas and begged for one, then two, then three, this is his fourth. That's why I never bought them at the store!
He lost patience with me taking pictures of him and his banana. He said, "Mommy, I want to eat the banana now." And then it was gone.
Banana cheeks :)
*PS-I'm watching our good friends' kids while they're in the hospital with their newborn and they have been so good! I've been updating my blog for the past 40 minutes while they are playing nicely. That may not seem like much of a feat but they are ages 6, 3, 2 and boys. Sweet little Brynn is trying so hard to keep up with them!