May 29, 2009

New Shoes and Pneumonia

It was time to invest in some cute shoes for Brynn since she is starting to walk around now...
Too bad she doesn't like them! Such a tomboy already, she doesn't like dresses or shoes.
The past two weeks we have been quarantined in our house with Eli and his pneumonia. Pneumonia is basically a scary word for fevers, chest x-ray, an ear infection in both ears and lots and lots of coughing. I knew he was really sick when he spent most of his time laying on the couch by choice.
No worries though, after two cycles of amoxicillin, another of zithromycin, a few tablespoons of zyrtec, 6 bottles of cough medicine, 2 bottles of acetaminophen and 1/2 bottle of ibuprofen later...he's feeling much better!

May 25, 2009

On the subject of milestones, Brynn has a new carseat. New to her, at least. We are almost fully stocked with all the differnt stages of carseats. How ridiculous is it that they recommend your child be in a booster till 8? Thankfully my kids are huge, so I'm sure they'll reach the weight limit before 8. I really do like having big kids, except for during childbirth.
She loves her new view. And I love being able to look back and see her beautiful face and all three of her teeth smiling back at me.
Also: I am a jungle gym...
I can't lay on the floor for 2 seconds before someone is crawling on me.
I would be lyaing if I said I didn't love it though!

May 10, 2009

To borrow a phrase from a friend; I'm "Living the Dream"

Don't you love these moments? Have you ever heard the song "The Best Day" by Taylor Swift? I know, I know, she's a little teenagery and her voice isn't stellar but the girl can write a good song. "The Best Day" always makes me smile because it's such a sweet song. It reminds me of some of my childhood memories with my Mom, I adored her, still do. And now that I'm a Mom too I find myself trying to do things just like she did. I'm blessed to have such good Mom-examples in my life, my Mom, Mother in law, sister in laws and mommy friends...I hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day!! Jake made sure my day was perfect and relaxing. I really am living the dream, my dream at least :)

May 8, 2009

Staycation Baby!

Jake is on paternity leave right now. No, I didn't pull a fast one and pop out a baby, but the military recently passed a paternity leave law. That law wasn't in effect when I had Brynn and Jake was granted 72 hours of leave...yes I said 72 HOURS. My irritation dissipated when we found out Jake could make that leave up until Brynn was 1, hence our little vacation. It's been a crazy couple of weeksat work for Jake with the Swine Flu scare so we decided to hang out around town and relax (because traveling with kids is fun but not always relaxing). We did head up to the Hill Country in San Antonio for a few days earlier this week. I love the Hill Country, it's covered with huge oak trees and like the name says, has hills, which most of South Texas does not. We booked a room at a gorgeous resort and checked out San Antonio Missions National Park.
Mission San Jose
Brynn & Eli inside the old church at Mission San Jose. The church has been rebuilt and the frescos aren't original but it's a good depiction.
Outside of the church at Mission San Jose
I love the architecture of old structures like these
Brynn likes it too :)
"hmmm...I wonder if my head will fit through here?"
Artillery room
Enjoying the shade, it was hot that day but at least it wasn't as humid as Corpus Christi
Mission Concepcion. This mission was a lot smaller than Mission San Jose but the church is originial, there are even some frescos still intact. The church is still used for services so I didn't take pictures out of reverence. Beautiful though, I love visiting Missions.
Back at the resort pool, it took Brynn a little convincing enjoy the water!
Didn't take too long though!
That spa felt so good after a long day. And we had the whole place to ourselves.
ahhh this is the good life!
Eli didn't want to swim as much that night but was still up for some splashing