June 19, 2009

Pneumonia, Round II

Poor Brynn has pneumonia now and she's not happy about it.
Here are the tools of the trade:
Please, please, lets all get healthy soon! (and stay healthy..)

June 17, 2009

The Par-tay

The cakes
Singing Happy Birthday
Just a little taste first...
Okay, that was pretty good!
Digging in now!
Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us! We had a lot of fun.
The kids had a great time...I didn't even see Eli for a few hours.
I think Brynn had a great time too
Tissue paper flowers that I made for the party (thank you for sending them Mom, but let me tell you, they took me 3 hours to make!!)
The decorations
I love these pom poms, I still haven't taken them down! I think I'll hang some in Brynn's room when I finally do..
Birthday banner...and our new family picture, I love it!!

...and I'm spent. Partying is hard work, but someone has to do it.

"You've had a Birthday, Shout Hooray..."

Brynn's birthday fell on a busy weekday so we had opted to have her actual party with friends a few days later. On her birthday we had a fun playdate with friends and a little family celebration that evening...
We love our birthday girl
She's not shy about her food...
I think she likes it!
Frosting 'staches
Such a fun boy
Grandpa and Grandma sent Eli a little present too so he wouldn't feel left out
oh la la, more pink!
Clapping for her present, it's so easy to please a 1 year old!
Eli kept saying "it's my birthday too!" all day. He was so patient watching Brynn open her presents that I let him open the last few when she got too distracted to do it herself, he was happy to oblige!
"...and it's another dress!"
Cute flower clips my Mom made for Brynn
"Open it Mommy!"
Playing nicely together with Brynn's newest toy
"Where's that music coming from??"

June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my first birthday today!
Can you believe in just one year I went from this:
To this?! Eli kicked my birthday off a little earlier than usual, coming into my room an hour before I usually wake up. Then Mommy came in singing "Happy Birthday" to me and made me my favorite breakfast, homemade waffles! WITH SYRUP! After that we had some friends over to play and eat hot pink cupcakes that may have stained my shirt, but who minds a little more pink?? I have good friends, they spoiled me! When Daddy gets home we'll have a yummy dinner (I think I may want to eat out tonight...) and open my presents, which I like to do almost as much as eating cupcakes! I'm sure we'll have something for dessert and Mommy will probably want to sing to me again...but it is my birthday, right? I noticed that Daddy and Mommy stretched out their birthday celebrations over a few days so I think I'll do the same thing too...I'm having my birthday party this weekend! It's good to be ONE!!

June 4, 2009

Lakers: 100 Magic: 75

Eli helping Daddy shake up the caramel popcorn for a game snack
She prefers to walk (still holding onto one of our fingers when she's wearing shoes, without she can cruise on her own) but Daddy's shoulders isn't too bad either
The kids in their Laker shirts...Mom, do you recognize Brynn's? That was the one you bought Eli for Christmas!
I love this time of day, an hour or two before sunset, the sun isn't as hot and the humidity isn't that bad. We have a great field across from our cul-de-sac that I let Layla run around in.
There's your popcorn lover Dad!!
Waiting for the game to start. Eli was so excited we let him stay up late to snack and watch the game with us. He lasted until the second quarter when he started rubbing his eyes.
Brynn barely lasted through the first quarter!
Here's hoping the Lakers play as good the rest of the playoffs as they did tonight!

Ever watch Seinfield?

Yes, we like cereal that much.

Gearing up for the Big Game Tonight!!

We decided to have a pizza party for lunch to celebrate the Lakers vs. Magic Playoff game tonight...can you guess who our team is? Do you like SEE FOOD?!
Brynn stealing Eli's pizza GO LAKERS! Please don't put Jake in a bad mood tonight...

June 2, 2009

Oh, What a Mess (one of my favorite children's books, by the way..)

I had a lapse of judgement tonight. I got a late start on dinner, so I pulled out some toys in Eli's room hoping Eli and Brynn would leave me alone for 30 minutes so I could get a good start on dinner before Jake got home from work. Well, 30 minutes came and went and they had yet to come out of the room. Me, sweet, naive mother, just smiled to myself at the stove, listening to them giggling thinking, "I just love when the have fun together."
And fun they had. I didn't suspect anything until Eli came out with a wheel in his hand saying, "Mommy, the wheel fell off, can you fix it?" My stomach dropped when I saw that wheel. It was one of the wheels for the dog food container. It rolls. Eli used to have a fascination with it that he thankfully grew out of. Until tonight. My eyes narrowed as I realized he must have rolled that container right past me in my hurried distraction in the kitchen and brought it back to his room.
I hesitantly left my chicken simmering on the stove and followed Eli to his room. At this point I wasn't even surprised that they had dumped and scattered 21 lbs of dog food all over his room. After I shrieked and took a few calming breaths, I grabbed my camera...I knew the Grandma's would like this one.
And Eli did clean it all up, handful by handful. After awhile I had mercy on him and helped, surprisingly it only took 30 minutes. Meanwhile my Chicken Marsala simmered down to NOTHING and we ended up having grilled Chicken Marsala. Not what I intended but still good.

June 1, 2009

San Antonio Temple & Sea World

Last Friday afternoon we headed up to San Antonio with our friends' the Christensen's to go to the temple. This was our first time going to the San Antonio temple and let me tell you, I think it is the most beautiful temple I have been through. I've been through some really pretty ones and I never thought I would say I liked a temple better than the one I grew up with and married in (L.A. temple) but this little temple is amazing. It's surrounded with oak trees and has tons of intricate stained glass windows throughout. I didn't bring my camera with me but here are some pics I found on the internet:
One of the stained glass windows
These windows are amazing with the light shining through them, day or night. What a great time, the temple is so relaxing. Thanks to the Christensens' for going with us and watching the kids while we went, I can't wait to do it again!
We stayed the night near the temple, ate some delicious Pei Wei for dinner (you just can't get decent Asian food in Corpus, it's such a shame!) and then went to Sea World the next day. Cooper and Eli are starting to become pretty good friends, they had a lot of fun together at Sea World.
Few things in life are as impressive to 2 and 3 year olds as a good ol' dolphin show
Bravo, bravo!
Liam and Brynn, conked out with full tummies. They were such good babies, I think they had fun too.
"All right, where to next?"
"I give up...you figure it out!"
It's so nice to get out of town once in awhile!