August 27, 2009

Dining Out

Dining Out=a military tradition dating back to Roman times, a dinner for officers and their guests, with the purpose of relaxing and fraternization. Military personnel wear their uniforms, guests have an excuse to buy a nice new dress and heels. (College professors all over the world will hate me for this...but thank you wikipedia for the short summary)
I love any excuse to see Jake in his dress uniforms and of course an opportunity to get dressed up myself. They don't come around very often, so I take em' when I get em'.
So tired after 4 hours of a speaker, toasting, and other military formalities! The whole event was 5 hours long. It was at the Omni Bayfront and the food and company was excellent!

Jake & Brynn's trip to CA

Jake flew home to CA to interview for residency at Naval Medical Center San Diego and took a few extra days to hang out with family. We also decided he would take Brynn to surprise the grandparents. I have to say, I was impressed with my husband for this undertaking and wasn't at all surprised that it went so smoothly, he's a great dad!
After surprising my in-laws at the airport, they drove straight to my parent's house and let Brynn ring the doorbell...
They were very surprised. It's been over six months since they've seen Brynn and she's changed so much since then.
My parents on the left and Jake and his parents on the right. Our parents only live about 15 minutes from each other and we love to get together for dinner on the Camp's porch to enjoy that beautiful sunset.
That little girl got so much love from the grandparents last week!
Jake was able to take a little time away for some golfing with his family. They all had a great time! You know I missed my little girl but it was so worth it.

Sneaky, sneaky

This stinker likes to pull out the chocolate chips and hide himself away in the spare room for a light snack
He is so quiet about it, waiting till I'm not around and closing the doors behind him, he's even invited Brynn in a few times. I think it's amazing that she's only 13 months old, yet she knows well enough to sneak around. I guess I owe Eli the credit on that one..
I am not naive to the pure joy chocolate can bring oneself, but I keep the chocolate chips on a higher shelf now.

August 21, 2009

One Last Hurrah

Eli and I went to the doctor Wednesday morning for a follow up and the doc gave us a clean bill of health. We went straight to the movies to celebrate! We went to the pool, the park, the mall (okay, maybe that was more for my enjoyment), went on walks, hung out with friends, played games, watched movies, everything a 2 1/2 year old would love. Tonight was our last night alone so we topped it off with some ice cream. I sure have missed Jake and Brynn but it has been a lot of fun to spend so much one on one time with Eli. He's such a joy, I love him so much.

August 18, 2009

While Daddy and sister are away...

...well, we had planned to play. I had all these great plans for Eli and I everyday, doing things we don't normally get to do with Brynn. Then Eli got bronchitis and is having trouble breathing, so we aren't doing anything besides laying around and watching a whole lot of TV. I have to hook Eli up to a nebulizer every few hours to help open up his airway...
He doesn't like it very much but will do it if I wear a mask too. Don't worry, I'm not stealing any of Eli's Albuterol, although it was tempting after seeing his first few energy highs (I hope you know I'm kidding).
Not quiet the party I had planned but still quality alone time with my son! And he's so unusually cuddly when he's sick, I'll admit that has been a little nice. Now if you'll excuse me, we may be on our sickbeds here but Sonic is having happy hour and I think a fruit smoothie is just what the doctor ordered.

Am I Crazy?

Jake flew to CA for residency interviews for the week and I agreed to let him take BRYNN. I know she'll be in good hands because no one loves her like her Daddy and grandparents (except me of course...who is missing her terribly).

August 12, 2009

I love these munchkins
and they love each other

Last night I went out with some girlfriends and saw 'Julie & Julia.' It was a good movie! Sooooo much better than the book. I disliked the book so much I wanted to write the author a plea to abandon her second memoir, a long with a prescription for Prozac. Maybe I'm being a little insensitive, but I believe in getting over yourself and being nice to your husband. Why did I finish it, you ask? I don't know, maybe I'm just as narcissistic as Julie Powell is. Rant aside, the movie was funny and entertaining. At some point in the movie a familiar tune started to play, "A Bushel and a Peck" by Doris Day. I got all excited and started telling McKenzie about how my Mother in Law sings a version of it to her grandkids and how I can't wait to tell her it's in the movie...I'm not sure McKenzie was as excited about it as I was but it reminded me how much I love my Mother in Law and all the great things she does for my kids. The kids love this song too, as soon as they start hearing her sing it they dance around and clap. Do you want to hear it too? You can here. And because they weren't making music videos in 1950, you get to watch a nice little Doris Day photo montage while you listen.

August 10, 2009

We had chocolate pudding for dessert the other day...the kids love anything chocolate (they get it from me, I think I have chocolate pumping through my veins)
It started out innocently enough, Brynn took a timid, clean spoonful...
But once she tasted that chocolately-goodness, she couldn't shovel it in fast enough
She quickly ditched her spoon and started using her was finger lickin' good!
Scratch that. Bowl lickin' good!