September 25, 2009

Love is in the Air

We had 3 engagements in our families this year, the latest being last night! We're very happy for you all! The wedding kick off is in just 2 weeks, I can't wait!!
Cory and my sister Erin are getting married October 9th in Salt Lake City, UT
My brother Matt and Sarah are getting married December 19th in Denver, CO
And my brother in law Josh and Shannen are getting married February 13th in Salt Lake City, UT

September 19, 2009

Meet my newest nephew Van Schultz! He is the picture of perfection, I love how peaceful he looks here. It's about time we had another boy in the mix, Eli & Dane have been the only Camp grandsons for awhile, but we sure love Katie, Alyssa, Presley, Lexi, Lily and Brynn and wouldn't trade them for any boy! I love being an Aunt, I wish I lived closer to all my sweet nieces and nephews. Congratulations Bremen and Andrea!! Can't wait to meet Van.

September 17, 2009

Taking patience to a whole new level..

After contemplating it for many months, reading an insightful book, talking to many friends and family about it, I deemed last Friday the day to begin being POTTY TRAINING ELI! duh duh duhhhh.
My friend Taryn found success with a book called 'Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day.' So I decided to give it a try. Hey, best case scenario, it works. Worst case, I'll just potty train day by day. I borrowed her potty training doll (apparently the economy is hitting potty training dolls pretty hard, the cheapest was $50) and got everything ready the night before. I did it on a day I knew Jake would be home because one of us had to constantly be by Eli's side for this method. So we started the day off with a wrapped present for Eli on the toilet...
Meet 'Dave,' the present! We acted so excited about Dave that Eli fell in love immediately and took Dave along with him wherever he went. They played together, ate together, read together. But Dave is a big boy and uses the potty, so we interrupted their play every 20 minutes or so to have Eli take Dave to the potty or for Dave to have an accident. The purpose is to have your child teach the doll how to use the potty; repetition, repetition, repetition.
Jake, Dave and Eli enjoying some tv time..
"Hey, I smell something stinky...Eli did you go poop? No? Hmm. Wait, you don't think Dave went poop in his big boy underwear, do you?!" Check out Eli, scrambling off the couch to get away from stinky Dave.
He was so disgusted! It was hilarious..
Now why can't he have that reaction when he poops in his own diaper?
Pretty realistic, huh? I used some baby food meat because I knew if I used chocolate Eli wouldn't buy it.
Of course Eli has to help clean Dave off
After a few hours Eli wanted to practice sitting on the potty every time Dave went, pretty good because he hated to sit on the potty anytime I tried before.
When we put everyone down for naps we decorated for a "potty party"
Treat tray. Every time Dave went potty or practiced he got a treat that Eli got to eat for him (since Dave lacks a digestive system..but apparently has a fine urinary tract) if he promised to use the potty someday. His favorite was the candy corn, he said they looked like temples (ooookay...)
Every party needs a cake! Eli is in love with trains so I borrowed a cake mold and made this cutie.
After naptime Eli got to open another present, this time big boy underwear for himself. We repeated the morning scenario, except now it was Eli's turn to use the potty and practice instead of Dave. We poured the liquid down him, he was in heaven having as many juice boxes and root beers (DIET of course) as he wanted, that way he would have to go often. After dinner we had the party, celebrating Eli being a big boy now. He got his cake, which he adamantly refused to eat, he only licked the frosting and admired it until it was so crusty I threw it out.
He got a present during the party, of course a track pack for his Thomas trains.
All in all, a pretty good experience. He didn't have any accidents the first day and went in the potty every time. However, he isn't completely potty trained. We've only had a handful of accidents since we started but he can hold it for a long time (5 hours!) and will wait until I put his pull up on for naptime to unload. I'm sure it will be a few months before he's going on his own all the time. That first night Jake said, "What was wrong with the diapers? Can't we go back?!" But we all know, there is no going back. Now I have a whole new reason to admire the many Mom's before me! I bow down to you, potty training takes patience like nothing else.

September 11, 2009

Rain, Glorious Rain!

South Texas has been in a major drought (I'm talking only allowed to water your lawn once a week, that kind of drought) and the last few days have brought much glorious rains
The kids love to play in the rain, so once the thunder and lightning let up, I let them out to play
Brynn kept pounding on the doors and asking ever so politely to be let out (you know, "eh, ehhh mamma, ehhh!")
Isn't it funny how kids instinctively want to catch rain in their mouths?
Ouch! I stubbed my toe...
Nothin' a little puddle splashing won't fix though!
This is my new SLR camera, the 300x zoom helped me stay dry and catch the action from the garage
It's still hot outside and all this extra moisture has made it very humid. My lenses kept fogging up.

Jake & I finally got an SLR camera and I absolutely love it! So much easier to catch these sweet cheeks.

September 8, 2009

Grandpa Comes to Town

My Dad has been in Oklahoma City for business and flew down for the Labor Day weekend
We were all looking forward to seeing him again, but Eli was especially excited.
He got a lot of horse back rides, his favorite.
We took Grandpa to one of the best local spots, the Texas State Aquarium
Brynn has no fear! Here she's jabbing her finger right in the Crab's legs, see how the attendant looks a little surprised and I'm thinking, "Well, that's Brynn."
See what I mean about no fear? She's trying to get into the touch tank!
Eli loves watching the dolphins
So do Jake and Brynn
One happy girl
Checking out the Otters
We took Grandpa for a stroll on the beach, one of Brynn's favorite spots
picking out tiny shells
The water felt so good, gotta love that 87 degree Gulf water

Look at those curls! Her hair gets wild in the humidity.

Brynn clung to Grandpa too
We had a great time with Grandpa, he spoiled the kids and Eli couldn't stop talking about him the next few days. Thanks for coming Dad! We can't wait to see you again in a month.

A Visit with Good Friends

A few weeks ago our friends Nick, Amanda and their son Carter made a stop in Texas along their road trip to North Carolina and we headed up to Austin to spend a few days with them. We all met back when we lived together in Florida and have kept in touch.
We took the kids to the Austin Children's Museum where they could blow off some stored up car seat energy
Brynn making music
Eli loves fish so much I am tempted to get him one but I know I would be the one cleaning the bowl and most likely killing it...
Amanda & Brynn
Nick & Carter at the Thomas the Train station, we had to pry Eli from this table in the end.
Brynn & I liked the giant Light Bright
Amanda & I in front of the beautiful State Capitol
now Jake's turn...
Sharing fruit cheerios...
uh-oh, we spilled!
Enjoying the "cool" Austin weather, a nice change from Corpus Christi. Although Amanda didn't think it was very cool, did you?! Welcome back to humidity!
Visiting the horses on the property
Us & Nick's Dad, Alex. Alex and his wife we so hospitable and invited us to stay in their 100 year old farm house on tons of equestrian property overlooking the city beautiful and relaxing.
Jake & Eli enjoying Alex's old bug

The gang, The Camp's & Armendariz's, minus Carter who was getting some shut eye.