October 18, 2009

I Declare War

I realize declaring war isn't the nicest thing to do on the Sabbath, but I know that by saying what I'm about to say, I will in fact be declaring war. So here goes. I, Rachel Camp, have found the best pulled pork recipe yet. But that isn't what will bring the war on, this is: I've tried a few types of BBQ around the US and the best I've had so far is in Texas. Sorry friends, it's true. So I've spent the last few months trying to duplicate my favorite tastes and I have to admit, I was in spectacular form today and ended up with pure joy. Now I can't exactly share my recipe because I added to taste per the size of the roast, but I can share my ingredients. If you decide to try it, I hope you like it as much as we did.
I started with an inexpensive pork loin, sirloin cut. I rubbed it generously with a mixture of these spices: chili powder, red pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, paprika and brown sugar and let it sit overnight. I took it out in the AM and rubbed it with about 1/4 more of the mixture, letting it sit at room temp. for an hour or so. Here I deviated from Texas tradition and used, gasp, a crock pot, because I don't have a smoker. I put the roast and accumulated juices in the pot, along with 1 c. diet root beer, a few tablespoons of hickory liquid smoke (to imitate that smoker taste), a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and half a sliced onion. I set it on low for 6 hours at which time I checked every 30 minutes for an internal temp. of 250-270. Then I pulled the pork and put it back in the crock pot with the juices. Now you're ready to plate up!
We eat ours open faced with a little bit of mayo and our favorite BBQ sauce, Rudy's Bar.BQ Sause. I've tried a lot of BBQ sauce and this is my choice, a little spicy and tangy. You could be ambitious and make your own BBQ sauce but I'm not that ambitious.

(Don't you love the smell of something slow roasting in your house all day?)

Camp Family Food Storage

Short story: We don't drink that much diet soda, although Jake does consume his fair share. Diet Dr. Pepper is his favorite, it's usually $4.50 a box here (which we never pay, we usually buy the generic Diet Dr. B you see in the pic), we saw it on sale for 4/$12. Jake was the kid in the candy store and we ended up with a whole lotta Diet Dr. Pepper.

October 15, 2009

The day after the wedding we drove through Logan to visit Jake's friend Ben, they have been friends since the 4rth grade! They only get to see each other every few years, so it was nice to catch up.
Eli and Brynn loved his Boxer, Shelley. She was a very patient dog/horse.
After Logan we kept driving till we got to Soda Springs, Idaho, where Jake's brother Joe and his family live. I got to visit them while Jake was deployed last year for Presley's blessing, as you can see she's grown quiet a bit since then! She is such a sweet baby, I had a lot of fun playing and cuddling with her.
Brynn had a blast playing with her cousins Katie and Alyssa. She did try to play with Presley too but she's a little rough to be playing with babies. And she is a major toy stealer.
Joe and Mandy just finished construction earlier this year on their house which is on a plot of farmland that belongs to Mandy's family. This is the amazing view from their back porch.
Alyssa and Eli and pro golfers
These two got along so well. They would sit at this counter and start laughing hysterically at each other for no apparent reason.
The Camp family game of choice is nerts, a speed game. And they are pretty fast, I usually come in somewhere around the middle to end :)
Presley looks pretty comfy there!
On the way back to the Salt Lake airport we visited temple square. It was starting to get pretty cold and gray but it was still beautiful.
The kids really enjoyed the reflection pool.

One Down

My handsome husband and I packed up the kids and headed up to Utah a few weeks ago for my sister Erin's wedding (remember, she is the first of 3 siblings getting married in the next 5 months?? gahhh!).
We went up a few days before the wedding and rented a big house to be the hub. While there, we were able to meet my brother Matt's fiance Sarah, who is super sweet and already a part of the family! Beautiful Brynn was pretty patient for a 16 month old while we were in the temple and waiting for pictures.
Cory and Erin first coming out of the temple
Eli shaking Cory's hand, saying; "Congratulations Man!"
Kim (friends since 12 years old) & I
My cousin Garrett (came up from Colorado), bro. Matt, bro. Dan & I
GQ Brothers
Jake pretty much took complete control of the kids while I was busy busy busy with wedding stuff. He was superdad!
Very cold in this picture. But I'm from coastal Texas, I only own one coat (that I bought specifically for this trip) and it doesn't exactly go with a dress.
So nice to be with my family at the temple and the Bountiful, UT temple is gorgeous.
Jake & I
The cake, before Eli stuck his finger in the middle of the bottom layer (sorry Cory & Erin! I don't think you noticed though...I certainly didn't pipe up...)
Brynn was that one crazy kamikaze kid you usually see at a reception, but she sure was cute
The Grooms' cake...so wrong. (Erin went to BYU, Cory went to the U of U)
Caught with too many desserts!
My friend Melanie's daughter Adelaide loves little kids and gave Brynn lots of love. She's a strong girl to be able to pick Brynn up, she's probably more than half her weight!
It was so fun to have a little reunion with some old friends, I miss you all and wish we lived closer to one another.
We were also able to meet Jake's brother Josh's fiance Shannen (say that 3 times fast). I actually already knew her from when we I was her camp counselor years and years ago! She couldn't be a better fit for Josh and the family. Deep in conversation.."Well, it's been great Eli, but it's past my bedtime.."