November 16, 2009

Eli's 3rd Birthday

Our little (big) boy turned 3 yesterday!! I can't believe 3 years have come and gone so quickly but then I look at him and I think, "You're HUGE! How did that happen?" We had chocolate pudding cupcakes (with chocolate chips) and peanut butter frosting (so maybe I picked something I liked a little more than had enough sugar that he inhaled it too) for dessert. Since Jake couldn't be home from work till later in the evening we decided to just have a small celebration tonight with our family. Eli's having his best friends over on Saturday for another party.
We got a package from Grandma and Grandpa that morning with a few presents that I put on the table with a couple from us. Eli asked me many, many times yesterday, "Can I open my presents yet?" and I would say, "No, not yet" and he would quickly add, "Not till Daddy gets home!" So as soon as Jake got home with the pizza (Eli's choice for a birthday dinner..) Eli yelled, "You're home Daddy! Can I open my presents now?" Of course we made him wait in agony a little longer while we ate.
He had been eyeing this particular present all day and it turned out to be shirts :) As he was pulling them out he said, "ooooh! It's shirts! Cute shirts!"
And then he (honestly) said, "So what else we got here?"
He got some pretty cool presents from Grandpa and Grandma but this was his favorite
Eli's favorite movie is The Polar Express so he was so excited to get the book. I love that book!
Brynn was so excited to see a little pink package among the pile, I think she knew it was hers.
I've never seen anyone open a present with their teeth before!
This is what Jake and I got Eli (and Brynn), a bounce house! It's perfect, big enough for 5 or 6 little kids but small enough to not take over our backyard, or in this case, our living room. And it honestly only took 2 minutes to set up and about 3 to take down and put away.
Brynn prefers to go down on her belly
Sweaty boy=serious fun (and also bath later that night)
And the weight limit is high enough that I can hang out inside too
Time to sing! Lucky Brynn got her own candle too.
Cupcakes was a good idea...these two like to blow out the candles with spit.
Happy Birthday Eli! You bring me happiness like no other.

November 2, 2009


I can't believe Halloween has already come and gone! If you're anything like us you've eaten your weight in candy the past two days and are ready to throw it all out. I ate raw broccoli for lunch...I think my body is trying to tell me something...
Eli really wanted to be Buzz Lightyear and it turned out to be a pretty popular costume this year! His friend Cooper was also Buzz. There were at least 4 other Buzz's at our church's Halloween party too. It was really cute to see all these Buzz's flying around.
Brynn was a ladybug and she surprised me by loving her tutu. She's not a girl of frills and bows so I was expecting a fight. She did ditch her shoes pretty fast though. he back of the costume. I bought it from my friend Becca's etsy shop, she makes the cutest stuff. You can check her site out here. Brynn modified her costume a little by pulling off all the black dots on her tutu.

Going to get some candy
We know you're in there!!
Brynn didn't give up the fight, she kept waiting at that door, hoping it would open with the offering of some more candy. Luckily we forgot her bag, so the only candy she collected was what she could hold! Eli got enough candy for everyone.
Love my little ladybug
I'm a fan of a good fluffy tutu
Brynn and Liam sharing a meaningful look..
Liam, you are a brave man! She has bitten fingers on occasion.
Buzz and Woody aka Eli and Jack
Jake and I at our church party. Jake won most hilarious costume, I think he deserved it! He's the Stay Puft marshmallow man and I'm a very cheap ghostbuster. My costume was a flight suit and let me tell you, I'm a little jealous Jake gets to wear that every day to work. Pretty comfy. A little toasty but who am I to complain next to Jake who was wearing all that batting?
I'm part of a preschool co-op with a few friends and I was lucky to get to teach the week of Halloween! There are so many fun Halloween activities. One day we did ghosts and made these fun ghost windsocks.I think the kids' favorite was the bat day though. We made these bat hats and they chased each other around speaking 'bat' (high pitched squeaking..they are pros, I can guarantee it).