February 26, 2010


February 19, 2010

And Thus Commences the 2010 Preschool Olympics

Have I mentioned that I am part of a preschool group? Me and 2 other Mom's trade weeks teaching preschool and I absolutely love it. We get together every few months and pick out weekly themes and this week my theme was the OLYMPICS! Jake and I are huge olympic followers so I had a blast.
We made olympic torches (cupcakes in ice cream cones) to kick off our first day of Preschool Olympics
mmmm frosting. I just love that scrunchy face.
The Rolly Polly Race
The Relay Race (kiddos are Eli, Naomi, Jack, Jordyn and Brynn)
The Dog Race. We also did the spider crawl race, bunny hop race, long jump, short jump (since not many could do the long jump), bean bag toss and figure skating.
They all were awarded certificates for their fastest races and then we had a gold medal ceremony
One day we made these shirts to wear during the games (olympic circles are cups dipped in paint, easy and clean for the kiddos)
They stamped the back of the shirts: 'Preschool Olympics 2010'
And I do believe I deserve a gold medal (or two) for this olympic feat

February 13, 2010

One Year Ago Today

I was about to log off when I realized that it was one year ago today, almost to the exact hour, that Jake returned home from deployment. I can't believe it's been a full year!! It's been such a great year too. It's true, time flies when you're having fun.
I love my husband so much and being apart from him for almost 8 months was hard. He is my closest friend, my best confidant, my favorite partner in crime. No one can make me laugh or give me peace like he can. I feel very blessed that he is home with us now and that we won't have to face another deployment for 3 more years!

Valentines 2010

I made these Valentines for Brynn to pass out at a Valentines Day party we went to this week. I love whimsical birds and fell in love with this pattern from Martha. I'm not the most patient and exact with scissors, so my birds aren't perfect like hers, but still cute. Seriously, sometimes I wonder about the chump that has to craft ever so perfectly for that site. I knew Eli would enjoy the the traditional valentines a little more, he choose Toy Story valentines that came with pencils.
Decorating a cookie...notice all she has is the cookie and stick? I didn't feel like dealing with frosting mess, but she was happy enough.
Liam always has a smile for the camera!
There was a 'kid's table' and a 'babies table.'
As you can see, Liam and Brynn didn't think they needed to be at the 'babies table.'
cookie fun
Cute Jordyn and a cute flower-sucker craft
Passing out valentines
Brynn cracks me up! She likes to kick back and relax. She got comfy to check out her spoils.

You've Heard of Hungry Hippos...

But have you heard of Hungry Dogs?


Who Needs a TV?

Silly Kids

February 2, 2010

My good friend Diane has a vinyl cutting company called Graffitichic and I just can't resist it! I love vinyl, it's such a fun, personal, and easy way to decorate. Eli went crazy when he saw his friend Jack's name spelled out in a train so I surprised him with his own. I also noticed it's helping him spell out his name. I would have applied it to the wall above his bed if we weren't moving so soon, but this way we can take it with us.
Of course Brynn needed something new for her room too, I love this quote from Pinocchio.
And I threw in this one for good measure. I think it's something I will always keep in the babies' room :) If you can't read it, it's from Winnie the Pooh and says, "Let's begin by taking a smallish nap or two."
If you're looking for vinyl, check out www.graffitichic.com!