March 17, 2010

San Antone Getaway

We're coming up on the end of our time in Corpus Christi and if we don't use our leave while we're here, we'll lose it. So Jake took the week off last week and we had so much fun relaxing at home, hanging out with friends and taking another little vacation to San Antonio to visit some of the places we love best.
We scored an awesome boutique hotel on Priceline called The Emily Morgan. You can see it from the courtyard of the Alamo.

Eli showing off his badge, he's a Texas Ranger now.
We love Casa Rio on the Riverwalk, it's the oldest and longest restaurant on the River and it's good, cheap Mexican food. We also ate at Azucar, which was more expensive but so worth it. Jake and I shared the crab tacos and mole enchiladas...sooooo good.
After our busy days we would take a relaxing walk along the riverwalk and passed by the Alamo each night. Something interesting I learned about the Alamo is that a woman named Clara Driscoll bought it after she found it in disrepair and about to be sold and built as a hotel. Clara also started the Driscoll Children's Hospital here in Corpus, one of the leading Children's hospitals in TX. What an amazing woman!
Exhausted kiddos after long days of fun
Looking for ducks in the river outside of The Guenther House, best breakfast in San Antonio!
Feeding the birds at the San Antonio zoo, the kids loved this.
I don't love birds on my arm but what wouldn't I do to make my little girl happy?
A little blurry but I love it anyway, look how excited she is to see the butterflies!
There were so many different types and they would land all over you
Checking out the Japanese Tea Gardens. It was once a rock quarry, then the city paid for a Japanese builder to move out there and build a Japanese garden for the public. He and his family lived on the site and sold tea from a tea house. When WWII came around and the Japanese were under fierce discrimination, they were evicted by the city and protesters. The gardens were renamed as the "Chinese Tea Gardens." After the war and discrimination ceased, the public rallied and the city reverted it back to the "Japanese Tea Gardens." Too much history? I'm sorry, it's too interesting to me!
It was really pretty there
mmm Freddy's Frozen Custard. I recommend a chocolate 'concrete' with peanut butter cups
movie time
stalagmites and stalactites at Natural Bridge caves
These kids had so much fun having their Daddy around 24/7 for a full week
These are Texas caves, so they aren't cold like you would imagine. They are about 70 degrees year round with 99% humidity. Check out how curly Brynn's hair got in the next pic!
It was a great little vacation! I love San Antonio and all the fun things there are to do in and around the city.

How's about ye?

When I got the kids up this morning I told Eli that it was St. Patrick's Day and he needed to pick something green to wear. He said, "Okay! (because green is his favorite color) Why?" I said "Because you wear green on St. Patrick's day, it's an Irish holiday. Did you know you're a little Irish? Grandpa is Irish. And because I might pinch you." He didn't like that very much. I never did pinch him but he kept reminding me all day, "I don't want you to pinch me, cause that makes me sad."
Then he ran to the closet and grabbed the jersey Grandpa brought him back from Ireland. He said that it was green AND it had a shamrock...what a smartie.
I like this part of the jersey:
We had a little ta-ta-ta-ra this morning with green waffles and limeaide. Now I'd better away off and chase myself, my wee lil' dotes are knackered.

(I had fun learning Irish slang in "An Irish Country Doctor")