April 21, 2010

A Very Happy Un-Birthday

Eli turned 3 last November, and though we celebrated that night as a family, we had to cancel his birthday party with friends because it happened to be the day I was miscarrying. We've been to a quiet a few birthday parties since then and he always says something like, "I don't have a birthday, do I?" Or he'll get excited when we have a cake in the house and ask if it's his birthday today. After months of these comments I finally realized how important birthday parties are at this age. I had all the party supplies from back in November, so why not have an un-birthday party? My friend Taryn is so talented and also so gracious, she made these cute invitations for us:

I waited until a few days before the party to tell Eli about it. I had been correct in guessing that he would talk non-stop about it until the day of. When he woke up and saw the decorations he yelled, "It's really my birthday! My Buzz Lightyear birthday!" I think he was the happiest boy in Corpus Christi today.

Birthday banner
I realized today how much I love plastic tablecloths. And Eli loved that it had Buzz all over it.
The rest of the house. I also made Jake blow up 50 balloons to have all over the floor. He tried to get out of it but it didn't work.
I let Eli choose the kids menu: chicken nuggets, french fries, fruit, pirates booty and popcorn. Can you tell the popcorn is green and purple? It's lime and grape flavored (jello-caramel corn). The adult menu was a little healthier: chicken spinach salad and parmesan wrapped with prosciutto and fig jam. Good friends! Eli, Jack, (Liam hidden by globe), Jordyn, Naomi, Cooper, Ruben, Eli, Erick, and Brynn.
I love how all the kids gather around for presents. Eli was spoiled and loved it. One of his friends is also named Eli and he was a little confused because I kept saying, "Open this one Eli!" It doesn't help that his birthday is next week too :)
I absolutely love this picture! He looks so happy.
Singing happy birthday
I wonder what he wished for?
As I was turning out his light and saying goodnight he suddenly said, "thank you for my best birthday Mommy" and I rushed back and gave him a great big hug. It was so fun to see him so happy today. I love my Eli so much, I can't believe he turned 3 years and 5 months today :) Everday with him in my life is a blessing that I thank my Heavenly Father for daily.

Sandfest 2010

We've gone to Sandfest each of the 3 years we've lived in Corpus Christi, TX. Here we are in 2008 (I'm 7 1/2 mo. pregnant with Brynn):
In 2009:
And 2010:
It was a little cooler than usual this year but it still felt great. We went with our friends the Christensen's.
Eli's favorite this year:
Another neat one:
Brynn's favorite. When we walked away from it she said, "bye princess!"
Cooper and Eli checking out something interesting
Brynn and Liam sitting on the base of a sand castle in the amateur section
Taryn and I
Travis and Jake with the kiddos
This is definitely something I'm going to miss about the coastal bend!

April 12, 2010


Easter couldn't have been more perfect this year. I loved having General Conference on Easter, I felt like it brought the Savior into more of the celebration, with a big part of the day listening to the apostles bear testimony of Him and the gospel. After conference ended we headed over to the Volcansek's for an egg hunt and dinner with the Shipley's, Ledesma's and Hodge's. Here Brynn and Jordyn are dancing:
The kids excitedly waiting for the okay to start the egg hunt
My kids are the only ones that like hard boiled eggs, so only about 10 of the 30 were actual eggs. The rest were filled with candy. Eli had to open each egg to see what he got before he would put it in his basket! At one point Jack picked up a real egg and squeezed, then told us, "This egg is all squishy!"
The kid crew: Brynn, Eli, Jack, Naomi and Jordyn
Eli loves his train "basket" (he is probably more correct when he calls it his train bucket)
Brynn checking out the goods. We spoiled the kids and let them eat all the candy they wanted on Easter and threw the rest out the next day.
Trying to get a picture of the kids for the grandparents was impossible! I seriously have about 25 and this is the best.
aerial shot of the Easter outfits, I love to see my kids all gussied up
Naomi got these sunglasses in her Easter basket that morning and wouldn't take them off for days!
Jack and Eli playing catch
It was a beautiful Easter, thanks everyone for sharing the fun!

Besides the last few humid, drizzly days the weather here in South Texas has been absolutely gorgeous. We took the kids mini golfing on a particularly nice night.

Eli and Brynn love mini golf, Eli is a very determined golfer and will shoot the hole over and over until he gets it.

I love this little mod dress!

Blue Bell ice cream is a favorite Texas find. Trust me, I've sampled many a brand and Blue Bell is the BEST! Eli's top choice is mint n' chip.

April 5, 2010

Lightning McGreen

A great friend, Taryn, is the cub chair for our ward and organized the pinewood derby. Eli and I tagged along to show our support. Taryn's son Cooper is favorite friend of Eli's, they both painted cars for a little race of their own. Here they are eagerly anticipating their turn.
And they're off! Eli painted his car entirely green (as it is his favorite color lately) and asked me to paint Lightning McQueen's face on it. Although his car bore the noble name of a champion, it was, sadly, the slowest on the track.
I learned a few things at the derby. For one, the specialty weights make for a faster car than the loose change I glued on from my purse. It didn't matter who was fastest to Eli and Cooper though, they had a blast and felt like big winners when they were presented with trophies and cake pops.
After the race Eli kept re-enacting the big finish.
Thanks Taryn and committee for all you do, we love you for it!