July 21, 2010

Another Belated Birthday

Our cutie Brynn turned 2 on June 10th, 3 days after my hip surgery, so we decided to have her actual party a few weeks later, so I could actually be awake for it :) We had a small party with my parents, complete with swimming, bbq, cupcakes and lots of presents. Oma and Opa gave Brynn her first American Girl (Kit) on her actual birthday. I'll have to get a picture of her and "Kick" (the T sound at the end has yet to be mastered, until then, she is Kick) because Brynn loves her very much.
Grandma and Grandpa gave Brynn this cute Tinkerbell outfit. I foresee it making it's debut at Disneyland in the near future..
Shoes, shoes, shoes. Like any girl, Brynn loves shoes. She has been stealing my heels to walk around the house, so we thought it was time to get her her own pair, a few inches shorter.
I think these are about the most adorable shoes I've seen. Unfortunately, Brynn's feet grew 1/2 a size since Grandma bought them, so they only lasted once. I know Brynn will be tall because he feet are huge (Size 8 for a 2 year old?!). At least I'm hoping this is the case.
She was very excited to unwrap her very own trike. Grandma and Grandpa picked out the perfect trike for her, it's bright like her personality and has a BABY BASKET up front! So cute. Sorry Mom, although the streamers were much loved, they were perhaps too loved and are now conspicuously missing.
One happy birthday girl
Cupcake and singing time! I love the 2nd birthday because they are so into it. I also love these little, proud smiles my kids get when we're singing 'happy birthday' to them.
Love those curls, blue eyes, little nose, spunky personality.
Making a wish
Eli's scoping out the goods. The sprinkles are blue glass slippers, yellow crowns, red poisoned apples, and pearls.
Eli loves this picture, he thinks it's so funny that Grandpa is about to eat his cupcake! Happy Birthday sweet girl! How fortunate we are to have you as a daughter.

July 20, 2010


A few weeks ago we had a little Camp family vacation here in San Diego. Joe, Mandy, Katie, Alyssa and Presley came in from Idaho. Josh and his soon to be wife Shannen came in from Utah and Mom and Dad Camp came down from Acton. Andrea, Bremen, Dane, Lexi, Lily and Van had just moved to San Diego as well, so we were all together for the first time in about 5 years! We did some fun things like a beach bonfire and Sea World (Jake almost killed me by letting go of my wheelchair 3 times. But I still think it's the best way to get around a theme park!) But my favorite thing was seeing the kids' with their cousins.
I came in one morning and found Dane, Brynn, Lexi, Lily and Eli perched on the couch watching a movie. Can you guess what movie is on? I didn't even notice what part of the movie it was until looking through the pictures with my sister in law. Magical!
Party animals. They like to watch movies, color with sidewalk chalk, ride bikes and trikes and eat lots of cereal.
This cutie is Van. He melts my heart! We like to cuddle.
Lexi and Lily
Uncle Joe (Alyssa is in there too!) at Sea World
Jake and Eli
Dane and Lexi waiting for a show to start
Brynn was impressed with the acrobats
Eli cheering
Brynn and Presley playing ball
All 8 Camp/Schultz grandkids together (at Oma and Opa's house)
Lexi and Alyssa cooling off with popsicles. We had such a great time with everyone! Nothing is better than spending time with family. Hopefully we'll be able to get together more often now. Love you all!!

July 13, 2010

Hip Surgery in my 20's

After we returned from Italy, we picked up the kids from the Grandparent's and moved into a lovely little place we call home in Carmel Mountain, San Diego. We had 4 days (4 DAYS!) to fully unpack before I had major hip surgery. Here's why: I had a cam deformity (think bone spur) in my right hip socket, which was pinching and rubbing my labrum raw. I also had a slight tear in the labrum from when I had Eli. Not because he was huge (because he was!) but because the nurse that was holding my right leg pushed it way too far with way too much force. After this initial injury it only got worse and I spent the next 3 1/2 years going through many Doctor's, MRI's, x-rays, cortisone shots, and physical therapy before we learned that surgery was my only option. My hip was badly deteriorating and I was feeling and walking like an 80 year old. Luckily I got into the orthopaedic surgery clinic here at the Naval Hospital that performs the fairly new and uncommon surgery with high success rates. They used about 50lbs of traction to pull my hip out of the socket so they could get their tiny needles, tubes, saws and cameras into my hip joint to shave down the deformity and cut away the damaged surrounding cartilage and labrum. They also broke my hip to insure it would heal together nicely. After surgery I was on "bedrest" for 2 1/2 weeks and then on crutches for another 3. They took my crutches away this weekend and I'm one happy woman! I go to physical therapy 2-4 times a week to rebuilt muscle strength and slowly return to normal activity. Thankfully this is the only picture of my recovery! My leg is in a CPM machine and ice therapy machine, which I had to do every waking moment. It moved my leg back at forth very slowly to insure that I wouldn't form scar tissue in my joint.
Jake took this picture because I was allegedly hogging all the pillows and my niece Lexi wasn't happy about it! She's a cutie and was playing a long with Jake, who I think was the real jealous one.
And that, my friends, is what has consumed my last 6 weeks. I'm finally allowed to walk and drive as usual and in another 2 months I will be back to my usual antics, I can't wait!

July 1, 2010

Rome Part I

After a long day of flights, connections, bus and train rides, we checked into our hotel, rested for an hour and then explored our neighborhood in the Eternal City, Rome. I think I had the hugest smile as we sat in a quaint street-site ristorante, people watching and eating a true Italian pizza. Yes, we seriously ate pizza on our first night in Italy. And many more times after that! The next day we set off right away to check out ancient Rome. Here's Jake and his favorite: the Colosseum.
You can see the living quarters down below. It used to be covered with a stage like the small one you see to the left. The gladiators, actors, prisoners and animals would live in the cells below. Jake & I inside the Colosseum
Close up of the living quarters/cells
Outside view of the three rings the Colosseum is composed of.
Constantine's Arch
One of the ceilings in Augustus Caesar's home.
Fresco's also in Augustus Caesar's home. His house was considered to be very small and plain.
A small view of the Forum
Another small view of the Forum. The Forum is massive, it took us a few hours to just walk 3/4 of it. I heard that 70% of ancient Rome is still buried, so there must be even more underneath this.
A 'modern' day Catholic church built inside an ancient basilica. All that remains of the ancient basilica are the pillars you see in front.
Michelangelo's famous sculptural tomb of Moses (meant to house a pope) in the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli.
Basilica San Clemente. This basilica was really neat because below the current, medieval church is a 4th century church, and below that is a pagan temple to Mithras and the remains of several ancient Roman buildings, streets, and a working aqueduct.
Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome's only Gothic church built in 1280. Frescoes by Fillipo Lippi.
Fountain outside the Pantheon. Besides in all the big piazza's, Rome has fountains everywhere!
The Pantheon

The ceiling of the Pantheon is amazing, it's one of the largest domes ever built. The open skylight in the center of the ceiling is the only source of light inside. Raphael is also buried here.
Inside the Pantheon. It's the only ancient Roman temple to have survived the centuries intact (built AD 118-125).
Piazza Novana, said to be Rome's prettiest square. It's definitely big and beautiful.
Taking a break by one of the fountains in Piazza Novana.
Dessert for lunch, we did this a few times! This was also the last time we had a diet coke at a ristorante, they are absurdly expensive there.
Enjoying lunch with a piazza view.
Jake & I on the Spanish Steps.
Jake & I in front of another neat fountain in Piazza Novana.
We decided to check out the little known Ostia in lieu of Pompeii, which we thought would take too much time and money away from Rome. Ostia was Rome's oldest harbor city. It's one of the biggest and well preserved archaeological sites of Rome. Jake's hanging out in the tombs.
Jake & I on one of the remaining second stories.
Looking down on the bath houses.
The awesome thing about Ostia is that you can walk through and climb up all the ruins.

Relaxing in the amphitheater.
Very few of the second stories remain, but here you can see how high they were built (even up to three and four stories).
We got one of the cameramen filming a documentary on Ostia to take this pic.
I always knew he was model material..
I think this is my "Jake, I'm starving" smile. We did a lot of walking on this vacation, but it was all worth it. It also kept us from gaining any weight, despite the loads of pasta, bread and gelato we were eating!
We spent a few more days in Rome checking out the better and less known sites.