August 30, 2010

Aunt Sarah & Uncle Matt

My Brother Matt and his wife Sarah also recently flew down from Utah to visit the family. They came to our house for a couple of days for some beach fun, Eli and Brynn love nothing more than the beach with doting Aunt's and Uncle's.
Eli loves playing in the waves and running from them. Brynn is so scared of the waves that she won't go in unless being held, which is funny because she begs me to go to the beach.
The kids and I followed Matt and Sarah up to my parent's house. Brynn was obviously happy to be there!
Grandpa thought it would be fun to set up a tent for them to play in during the day and Eli and he to sleep in at night. They had such a blast!
Yay! Brynn finally will hold still for a pedi, which she insists on every time she sees someone else doing their nails. Grandma did a very good job with those little piggies, unfortunately her pedicures only last about 2 hours (and I complain about mine only lasting 2 weeks..)
The kids know who to go to for a good cuddle, I think Grandpa likes it too :)
Normally Eli would contest bedtime while everyone else is having a good time, but this night he knew he got to sleep in the tent and kept begging Grandpa to take him to bed. He had so much fun looking at the stars and sleeping outside, he talked about it for days.
Thank goodness my parent's have a pool to beat that high desert heat, we all had a lot of fun cooling off in it. Especially when the kids have someone to throw them around like Aunt Sarah.
Part of my family: Eli, Mom, Dad, Brynn, Sarah, Anna, Daniel, Matt.
Drying off didn't take long in the 100+ weather!
It's been a great summer with lots of family around. I love you all! Thanks for visiting Matt & Sarah, we miss you guys already.

August 24, 2010


Eli and Brynn are the best of friends and once in awhile, worst enemies. Today has been a best friend day. I even went to check on them a couple of times because they were playing outside in the water table or upstairs with the trains and I wouldn't hear from them for hours. But they were laughing and chatting away. It's nice to see your kids love each other!
Some days are just made for dancing and Brynn woke up this day really wanting to wear her ballerina suit.
She is by all means a rough n' tough girl but has an equally girly side.
Brynn danced everywhere she went that day. She thinks dancing is lifting up the edge of your skirt and twirling in circles (Disney princess style).
She even dressed her baby to match her so they could dance together.
I just love dress up days.

Uncle Cory & Aunt Erin

My handsome boys hanging out in Seaport Village
My sister Erin and her husband Cory flew down from Salt Lake City, UT to spend a few days with the kids and I. Jake has been doing an out of town rotation this month and only gets 4 days off, so we were very grateful for the company! My brother Daniel (who lives an hour away in Orange County) and my Mom (who lives 3 hours away in Lancaster) were also able to come up for a few days. Pictured below is Daniel, my Mom, Brynn, me, Eli, Erin and Cory.
One of Jake's days off fell on their visit so he was able to come home and enjoy some male bonding.
The kids were so happy to have someone to rough house with, Uncle Daniel always lets them climb all over him.
Uncle Cory and Eli racing Brynn and Aunt Erin on Mario Kart. They both think they are the winning kart whenever they play.
We had to take Cory and Erin to one of our favorite San Diego spots, Coronado beach.
We built sandcastles, played in the water, hunted for sand dollars..
And basked in the sun (don't worry, I'm wearing my SPF 100)
It was a quick trip but we had so much fun. The kids adore their Aunt Erin & Uncle Cory and couldn't stop talking about them for days. Thanks for coming to see us guys!

August 5, 2010

Heaven help us!
The Rite Aid by our house has THRIFTY ice cream!! My favorite ice cream of all time is Thrifty chocolate malted crunch. Friends, this could be my demise.