April 13, 2011

SD Zoo

One of the things we love best about San Diego is the Zoo, especially the "buckets," which is what Eli and Brynn call the Skyfari ride. This day we went with my friend Ambyr and her daughters. Eli and Sidney had fun riding together.

Sidney, Brynn & Eli looking out over Balboa Park

Love this little guy!

April 11, 2011

An Afternoon Tea Party

My darling daughter has been begging to use my tea set for ages, so when the kids had a couple of friends over one afternoon, we decided to have a tea party. I let them use all the fancy, delicate tea stuff I had, except I swapped out the pretty crystal topped spoons for baby spoons, that way the could stir like real English ladies without cracking my cups :)

Laci, Aubrey, Eli and Brynn ready to start their tea party Tea parties aren't just for the ladies! Eli like one every now and then too. I even have a tea cup that is sort-of boyish...it's green...
Aubrey pouring some "cream" (aka air..) into her "tea" (aka lemonade...they sampled the berry tea...didn't like it...)
Laci with her tea cup
We don't get to go to Disneyland with the Schultz's very often because of Jake's schedule, but when we do, we have so much fun!

Lily, Eli and Dane on Eli's favorite ride, Soarin' Over California Jake & the kids with Aviator Minnie

Brynn relaxing in the shade while the 'big kids' ride the rapids. Brynn is barely, barely under 42" and no matter how conspicuously we stuff toilet paper into her shoes, they never let her on the rides at California Adventures. To her credit, she bears this injustice with a smile.
Brynn & Lexi are such sweet friends & cousins!
Our little family in front of the castle

The Armendariz Family Visits

We met the Armendariz family when we moved to Florida in 2006 and have been friends ever since. We haven't been stationed together since Florida, but have been able to see each other through vacations, like when the came to California to visit family for Christmas. They stayed with us for a night and we had so much fun catching up. Jake and I fell in love with their sweet baby Kensington.

Of course we had to stop by the beautiful San Diego Temple And the Mormon Battalion in Old Town San Diego. Carter and Eli had fun dressing up as soldiers.
Carter and Brynn panning for gold. These two are one day apart! Carter was born the day after Brynn was.
Me, Amanda and Kensi
The Camp and Armendariz Families. We miss you guys! Can't wait till our next vacations bring us together again.

Christmas 2010

We celebrated Christmas of 2010 over 10 glorious days off and in 4 different households. We started off at our house and were joined by Grandma, Grandpa, Sarah and Matt. Eli and Brynn had a blast making cookies for Santa and waking up the next morning to find that he really did come.

They were happily busy with their gifts from Santa and Mom and Dad for much of the day. Eli's favorite was this shake n'go racetrack. We had a Camp family party at Andrea and Bremen's house in Point Loma and then we all headed up to Lancaster where my sister Erin and Cory joined us from Utah. Eli and Brynn were ecstatic to see even more presents under Grandma and Grandpa's tree! My bro in law Cory, my sis Erin and bro Dan at my parent's house.

Aunt Sarah helping Brynn with her magnetic dress up dolls
Impromptu fashion show for Aunt Sarah's fashion blog.
Face masks are a tradition for the McCammon family girls. We barricade ourselves upstairs and do facials and nails whenever we're all together. It's always so much fun and this year, Brynn joined us!
Hanging out with the fam
From Lancaster we drove up to Idaho to spend some more time with the Camp's. Brynn and Presley hit it off right away.
Early morning cartoon-daze.
Jake's brother Joe has a couple of snowmobiles and we spent an afternoon riding and sledding in the -13 weather. It was freeeeezing but so much fun.
Brynn sledding
Lexi, Dane, Bremen and Josh sledding
My Californian baby surprised me by wanting to stay out in the snow all day long. Eli kept begging to be taken back out. Thankfully his Daddy is obliging. Brynn, Eli, Lexi and Lilly going down a hill

Jake and Annie hauling the kids back up the hill.
Dane and Eli playing some Wii
Spending Christmas with lots of family is what it's all about!