July 21, 2011

Blowing Bubbles

There is nothing better than spending a cool summer night blowing bubbles
My kids could spend hours outside with their bubbles

Brynn's concentration is adorable and so typical of a 3 year old

July 5, 2011

Brynn's 3rd Birthday

My darling girl turned 3 in June! Here is Brynn with "Sally," the rocking horse she inherited from Eli. She loves to ride and ride, shouting, "ride em' cowboy!" and "yeeeeehaw!"

Her actual birthday was low key. The kids had hand, foot and mouth disease so we had quarantine ourselves for a few weeks and postpone the birthday party. I did make her a birthday cake with her favorite ingredients; chocolate and strawberries. You've never met a chocoholic until you've met Brynn.
Nothing better than licking the beater!

Once the kids were all clear from hand, foot and mouth and I had sanitized every inch of the house, we had a little family party because the Camp's have 6 birthdays in June! Brynn, Lexi, Katie, Lily and Mom (Camp) all have birthdays within two weeks of each other and my newest little niece Aubrey Camp was born on June 29th! The girls each got their own cakes, including Mom. Hers was a salted-carmel-chocolate cake, which I highly recommend. It's another Martha Stewart recipe but no complaints here. The time spent making it is so worthwhile.

One of Brynn's favorite gifts; a litttle mermaid bath doll

Oma and Opa gave both Brynn and Lily Sleeping Beauty dresses. This is the "princess pose." I never noticed the processes doing this in the movies, but both girls inherently pose like this when wearing a princess dress.
Had to throw some blue into this frilly, girly post! Love this little man.

Brynn has never had a "friend" party and was begging me for a 'princess tea party' this year. I kept it small and kicked out the boys! Backyard parties are so nice, easy clean-up!

Little girls love tea parties. Lunch/Treat table

In lieu of goodie bags, we gave out birthday bubble and white-chocolate dipped marshmallows.

The princesses: Sidney, Brynn and Taylor

Carly, Brynn and Laci

Aubrey and Brynn

Look at all that frilly-ness!

Happy 3rd Birthday Brynndy! We love you "lots and lots and lots!"

July 3, 2011

Preschool Friends

I was able to participate in another wonderful preschool co-op for the last year. Here's my cute friend Ambyr and our friends' daughter Eilee. She's a twin, and her sister Maya is just as adorable!

Taylor and Eli playing at the Point Loma tide pools during one of our field trips
We had six kids last year. Here are the girls; Sidney, Brynn and Taylor

And the boys; Jackson, Jaron and Eli

We always have so much fun with our preschool friends!

Easter 2011

The Schultz's hosted Easter this year and the Camp's joined us, as well as my parents and brother Daniel and his fiance Anna. As usual, they made a delicious Easter dinner. Here are the kids at their table:

My handsome boy Brynn, Lexi, Van, Lily, Dane & Eli ready for an egg hunt




The carrot cake I made for dessert. It's nothing impressive, but I had to include this pic so I could rant about Martha Stewart's ridiculous recipe. The cake recipe is fine, but it calls for decorating with candied carrots, which was beautiful, so I had to try it. Total waste of time! I let the carrot strips boil literally 2 seconds to long and they turned black and stiff. Not to mention they were nasty. No amount of sugar will make candied carrots tasty. Carrots are meant to stay crunchy, cold and unsweetened. Anyway, I was able to salvage a rosette from the mess!

My brother Daniel and his beautiful fiance Anna. They were newly engaged around Easter. So excited to be adding another sister to the fam!

Baking with Mom

I've mentioned on here a few times that the BEST cook I know is my Mom, so whenever she comes into town, we get to work in the kitchen. One of my more fun cookbook purchases as of late is "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" and one of my favorite recipes is the basic brioche. You can do anything with brioche! I never knew. I would share it right here, but the authors are pretty strict about copyrighting, so, if you care to link to their site you can find it there for free.

I've made it in loaf pans, as a fluffier tart crust, in a fruit layer cake, in muffin pans, as a bun, and as the traditional brioche, but I prefer the loaf with cinnamon sugar. Here we're doing a loaf of cinnamon sugar and chocolate ganache.
The chocolate ganache isn't as pretty because I think I used too much ganache (say what?! You can use too much ganache?!) but it was mighty tasty. Give it a try. Your hips won't love me but your taste buds will!