August 31, 2011

Eli's First Day of School

Eli started PEPP last week, which is a two year kindergarten that our school district designed for kids who have very late birthdays, like Eli. It's perfect for us, 5 days a week, but half day, unlike the full day kindergartners (yay for that!). We live about 1/3 mile from his school, so we walk, it's nice not to have to deal with the traffic. Eli was quietly taking it in that first morning, but he was very excited and not at all sad to see us go!

Jake just happened to have the morning off and could come with us. He was a very proud Daddy.
Brynn and Eli are inseparable, so I was worried she would have a hard time with him gone, but she has been surprisingly fine. She happily says goodbye to him every morning at school and enjoys coming home to play with her princesses, watch only girly movies, or (this will be our secret) spend the whole morning playing unabashedly with all of Eli's toys. I'm surprised at how quiet my daughter is when she is alone. I never would have guessed, she's usually so loud.
Eli loves circle time where they read and learn the daily theme. His teacher is Mrs. Norris and is wonderful!

I can't believe that Eli is already old enough to go to school! I was a good Mom and didn't cry until the walk home. It's been an exciting milestone!

August 21, 2011

Dancing Queen

These pictures capture Brynn perfectly. She is such an imaginative little girl; one of the most common phrases you'll overhear her saying is "let's pretend..." I love listening to her and watching her imagination at play. Here she is dancing in her "fairy castle:"

Notice she also has her shoes on the wrong feet? That is another thing that is so Brynn. She can't be bothered with putting them on correctly, she is always trying to get somewhere quickly!

Fenton's Creamery

We stopped in San Francisco on our way home from Jenner to visit my Aunt Robin. She took us to this yummy restaurant and creamery called Fenton's. I had a delicious crab salad sandwich and afterwards we all shared banana splits.

Can you tell Eli is happy about the ice cream?
The kids couldn't believe how big the banana splits were. The four of us couldn't even finish it.

Poor Brynndy gave her best shot to finish it...I'm sure we all felt how Brynn looked afterwards...and then we got in the car to finish the 8 hour drive home!

August 14, 2011

McCammon Coastal Family Vaction

We went on family vacation to a beautiful little coastal community above Jenner, California (a few hours north of San Francisco) with the McCammon side of our family this summer. We rented a secluded house on the cliffside overlooking the ocean. It was such a fun vacation! The property was fun for the kids (and adults) to explore. Eli always gravitated towards these big rock with Uncle Cory

Brynn, however, prefered the "fairy castle" with Aunt Erin
We like to tease my Dad about his "interviews," but it just wouldn't be a good video without one! Here Jake is giving some expert commentary on the current BYU football season.

Uncle Matt and Eli popping some seaweed

We didn't built this beachwood fort, but we sure had fun with it!

Big rocks were made for jumping

A sweet moment I captured between Brynn and Grandpa, she sure loves him!

Eli walking the plank. He has pretty good balance now!

We discovered this little black sanded beach on a drive along the coast one day. It was a chilly day with lots of fog but the sand had soaked up all the warmth and was toasty. It felt really good!

Brynn burrying my feet

I love this girls' curls!

Aunt Sarah playing catch with Eli

Playing in the waves with Grandpa. That water was colllllllddd!

Buried alive!

We took lots of fun little hikes through the forest. That's one thing I love about Northern beaches; you have ocean to the west, and just a few miles west you have a massive forest. I was 6 months pregnant here.

These two are so fun together, they really are the best of friends.

On another pretty walk along the ocean

Brynn and Eli were pretending to be lions in the wheat field

Here you can see almost everyone on a hike through the forest: Erin, Daniel, Anna, Sarah, Jake & Eli, Cory & Brynn, Matt, Mom and Dad and I behind the camera.

My brother Matt and Jake with the kids on a fallen tree trunk

Aunt Sarah is the best manicurist

Brynn and Sarah have bonded through their love of fashion and beauty products. Brynn loves to join the big girls when we do our nails, makeup, hair or face masks. So fun to be able to share that with my daughter already! I'm sure it only gets better.

Lots of time spent in the kitchen! We all like cooking, so we divided up the nights to cook a big dinner for the family. We had some great food: Mom and Dad grilled, Erin and Cory made chili and cornbread, Sarah and Matt make tiki masala and Jake and I made pesto pasta.

Roasting marshmellows in the wet fog

Grandma and Eli checking out the diving birds

We love being able to get away with our family once in awhile. We love you all, thanks for the great time!