October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was a ton of fun this year, the kids are getting more excited about it as they get older. They were loving that the festivities were spread out of a few days, so they could enjoy all the Halloween fun (ehem..candy..) for days. Our Schultz cousins joined us for our ward Trunk or Treat the Saturday before Halloween. Check out how cute everyone looked! Dane was Luke, Lexi was Leia, Eli was Harry Potter, Lily was a 20's flapper, Van was her fancy man (love that one!) and Brynn was Sleeping Beauty.

That weekend we carved our pumpkins to be ready for Halloween night. I know it seems a little late, but our pumpkins always turn to mush if we carve them too early! Brynn didn't mind the pumpkin "guts" at all, in fact she had some fun getting messy.

Eli, on the other hand, didn't enjoy it. He obliged me with a spoon for a little bit but then convinced Brynn to clean his out.

Here's our cute little porch ready for trick or treaters. My pumpkin was the monogram 'C' and Jake's was Harry Potter.

Our cuties excited to get out there and load their pails with candy

Eli wanted a classic jack-o-lantern look and Brynn picked a Little Mermaid pattern.The little girl lives for dress up days!

Just back from trick or treating: the kids could hardly hold still for a picture...they were ready to investigate the goods.

The beset Luke and Leia out there! I think Andrea did such a good job on their costumes.

Brynn guarding her candy when it was time to put it on top of the fridge (yep, I'm that Mom....I'm even the Mom that donates half to the YW bin at church! But it was more for my sake then theirs. By the time Halloween came around I had had my fair share of Twixes.)

Halloween is always so much fun! Even funner when we can share it with cousins.

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